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Telling people about TMS and computer games

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Calum, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Calum

    Calum Peer Supporter

    Hi all,

    Well I've only had the courage to tell a few people about TMS because I'm afraid they will be very skeptical and I don't want their doubts rubbing off on me. I've told my girlfriend although she hasn't made any real effort to understand it, annoyingly, but she does give me the space to work with it when I need it. I've told my parents I think the cause is phycological, but I havn't pushed them to read any of sarnos books or anything. My dad is a massive cynic and I think he would just shoot me down if I tried to make him understand it.

    Computer games: I'm just going to think out load here. I use to really like playing them, but they were one of the first things I gave up when I first started to have RSI pain. I've been thinking about getting back into them, but don't really want to push it, I'm making OK progress whilst working full time with computers (I'm a geologist and work with a lot of modelling software) and I don't want to overload myself, yet I can't help feeling that if I did play computer games, ignore the pain the occurred and got through it I might actually break the back of this thing. Tough Call.
  2. NolaGal

    NolaGal Peer Supporter

    I told a friend about it just a couple of days ago. I didn't make a huge deal out of it, but we were already talking about emotional and psychological issues because she's going through a divorce and seeing a therapist. She seemed somewhat receptive to the idea. Sometimes just "planting the seed" is enough. People often need to hear about something from several different sources over a long period of time before they'll accept the possibility of it, and some people (like your dad, Calum) will probably never accept it and, honestly, may not have the ability to accept it given their own fears and limitations. I'm thankful my husband is totally on board. He's been an immense help to me. There are a few other people I will eventually tell. People are going to notice that I can do a lot more things than I've been able to for the last few years, and I'm not going to lie about what "fixed" my shoulder pain. The degree to which I go into it will depend on the person I'm talking to.

    I've never been a huge computer game player like my husband, but there are a select few that I like and haven't been able to play for awhile. Just touching the keyboard and mouse used to throw my whole right side into total chaos. I've been able to type and use the mouse a lot more recently, with almost no pain. I definitely want to try some of my games when I get a block of time. Right now a lot of my free time is dedicated to working on this program. I also rented a cello right before started learning about TMS, and it arrived the other day, so I've been doing some baby steps with it (won't have a teacher for another couple of weeks). I tried playing violin off-and-on for a couple of years, but my shoulder pain always got in the way. I thought cello would be easier from a physical/posture standpoint, and it is. (You're not twisting your arms into unnatural positions.) I think I'm really going to enjoy it, but now I'm starting to think I might not have to give up the violin after all! I'm still nervous about trying it, though, just like you are with the computer games. We'll get there. :)

    Being a geologist sounds cool!
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  3. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    I work in a school with 1100 kids and over 100 staff. For the past 2 years, staff members saw me go from walking quickly to barely walking to a wheelchair. Today I'm back to walking without pain. Many have asked what finally worked. I tell them that there's something called Tension Myositis Syndrome, and that it's stress related. If they ask for more, I explain that I've been reading a lot about mind-body connections, and that I've managed to eliminate horrible migraines as well as the debilitating foot pain. For the scientists like me who inquire about the mechanism, I talk about the role of the subconscious in diverting the mind through the use of pain--but those conversations are rare.
    I know there are those who will gossip and disparage what I say, or twist it somehow, but I have to let that go. Those who are truly interested in my well being rejoice with me in my success. I don't think that our friends and loved ones need to read Sarno's books to show their support. It's enough to stand in solidarity and simply say, "I'm so glad you found something that works for you."

    BTW, I'm a geologist too ;)
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  4. Moose

    Moose Peer Supporter

    Hey Calum, as you know I've had similar symptoms. I've been playing computer games as much as I want, on top of a 40-hour work week at the computer. I'd definitely say go for it - I sometimes get some pain or tightness, but I'm doing what I love so I don't care so much. It's very liberating to just do what you want :) It's also been good for me to associate using a computer with a really positive experience, so it might help you to.
  5. Calum

    Calum Peer Supporter

    Hi guys,

    NolaGal as I'm sure Gigi would agree, being a geologist is cool! That was my main fear when the TMS pain started, that I wouldn't be able to do my job, a job that I like, pays well and I'm good at, but thankfully I'm over that fear now I know I'll overcome this eventually, its just a matter of time, which I won't put a limit on.
    Yeah I agree with you guys I'd proberly consider it a bit amoral to lie about what is healing me rather than trying to help get the message out there.

    It sounds like your doing really well Moose well done =), thanks I think I will next time I've got a rainy day off :).

    Also Gigi nice to here about your success, have you got round to posting a success story? I always find those uplifting :)
  6. KathyBee

    KathyBee Peer Supporter

    I find that sometimes TMS seems like it does not want me to do fun things.
    I get through a work day okay, but used to have fatigue during my off days and be too tired to do anything. Since I started ignoring the fatigue and doing it anyway the fatigue has gone down.
    I think part of it is what SteveO refers to as stage 4 TMS. This is when the symptoms hit after the stress is over. Example: after work or on vacation.
    There is another issue I have been exploring in my own life that might be applicable for you. Does some part of you (super ego) feel bad about having fun? Do you feel guilty about relaxing when you should be working or doing something productive? Has someone made negative comments about specific hobbies you enjoy? I think both are true in my case.
  7. Endless luke

    Endless luke Well known member

    As an alternative suggestion I might suggest playing a sport over a computer game (although you could try both). Playing a sport can show you that your body is much tougher than you realize and free your mind in a way that may be difficult to achieve with a computer game.
  8. StevieG 2013

    StevieG 2013 New Member

    I say" I hold tension or stress in my body " & that is received pretty well. My buddies are in 20_30so some were skeptical like any group & were receptive & it resonated with & some got the book from my recommendations (I was.... Am a huge advocate). My story is that I got rid of back pain years ago from just one of sarnos book. Problem was it found a way back through other avenues as I didn't properly deal with it, still figuring this part out. Day 9 & I am seeing improvement. Trying to tap into emotions etc.
  9. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Geology Rocks!! :)

    Everyone is going to respond to hearing about TMS differently. The first time I learned about TMS I shrugged it off. It was only until someone I trusted showed me a whole bunch of success stories that I finally began to give it some serious consideration. It is easy to reject a theory, but much harder to reject the evidence. If someone can see you go from barely able to walk to running long distances, then they will have a hard time doubting the validity of the theory. The important thing for me is to never let how someone else responds to hearing about TMS effect me. Some people will be open to it, and others will have difficulty accepting it. All we can do is to focus on what is fueling our own doubts and go from there.
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  10. Calum

    Calum Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the advice all of you.

    KathyBee I almost always feel guilty when I'm not being productive, there is like a hum in the back of my head letting me know I have all these jobs to do, I can ignore it, but it is pretty irritating. And yeah come to think of it my Mum always makes comments about being careful when I go climbing, my girlfriend too, maybe I'm feeling unconcious guilt over that because if I did have a serious accident it would effect them as well as me. Also I'm pretty sure my residual child mind must hate climbing, its a dangerous activity and even when you are safely tied in your animal brain can't help firing off danger signals when your suspended on a cliff face, but saying that I consciously love it and Endless Luke climbing is the sport I do to show myself that my body is strong, I chose it because it relies on grip strength amongst other things, if I can pull myself over an overhang using a couple of finger holds then how can clicking a mouse button possible harm me?

    P.S. Forest geology most certainly does rock! :)
  11. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I totally forgot to reply to the part about computer games. As with other activities, it really depends on the person. I do think that there is a good chance that by playing video games your focus will be entirely on the present, and therefore your symptoms will subside, if only momentarily. This is something that happens rather frequently when people become active, and all their attention in on the task at hand. It doesn't occur all the time but when it does you no longer worry what level your symptoms are, when they will come back, or how severe they will be. When you are focused entirely in the present, there is nothing fueling your symptoms so they will subside.
  12. Lilybluerose

    Lilybluerose Peer Supporter

    Video games are my number 1 trigger for My TMS wrist/forearm pain. Recently Ive just said F it, and have been playing world of warcraft as much as I like, which is usually around 2 hours a day. Sometimes I have pain, sometimes I dont, sometimes its bad, sometimes its light. F it. I do it anyways, and guess what, once Im done playing, and forget about the fear of games=wrist pain, it goes away.
  13. rsiman

    rsiman Peer Supporter

    Hey just want to encourage you, I have TMS in my hands (And I think now my back, which is why I'm on here again), and I was able to fix it by playing videogames, which was the initial cause. I couldn't believe it. Unlike some people I went at my own pace though, just starting with 30 minutes and slowly increasing the time on the computer. Every once in awhile my hands hurt still, and either I just do another couple days of the SEP program or honestly just take a couple days off. I'm okay with not totally conquering my mind.

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