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Day 16 Telling friends about TMS

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Hugh, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Hugh

    Hugh New Member

    Telling friends and family has been very difficult for me. I have been pretty fearful of criticism, but I have told people regardless. Many of my friends and family have said that it makes sense and are excited for me. I have gotten one or two "that's ridiculous" type of looks though. Maybe it's the people pleasing aspect of me, but I can't stand when people criticize or challenge the beliefs I'm holding. For instance today I read a blog about Christianity and TMS, where the doctor said that he believed in most of the TMS theory, but not the tendonitis and a couple other aspects of it. This really ticked me off because I felt my hope drop dramatically, even though I have been believing my tendonitis is a part of TMS. So I think the main thing is realizing that I get upset when people don't go along with my beliefs and not giving into their thoughts or being tossed and turned emotionally by it. . . leading to more TMS symptoms.

    BTW, I have had some new pains develop which has been pretty scary, including my right index finger which has never hurt before. . only my left. I'm pressing on in faith, and have been finding more and more peace and improvement (especially with my back and anxiety).
  2. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter


    Your unconscious will move your symptoms around to keep you in its game, not your new found belief in TMS. Do not be deterred. I began with only back pain and have gone through hand, thumb and arm pain on both sides, gastro issues that lasted a food 5-6 months which are now gone, muscle tension which has now been reduced to nerve activation In those same places where the tension first started. Pressing on in faith as you said is the right way to conquer this incideous syndrome.

    You will get better by doing the work, the SED or whatever protocol you are using that works form you. Anxiety is still a part of my life, but a smaller part every day. Applying a conscious approach to our issues and symptoms works. You can do this and can achieve a complete recovery. The record is clear. Sarno knows what is going on as do the other practitioners. Use whatever resources work best for you and your healing will appear. We are all here to listen and to share our successes and failures on this incredible journey.

    All the best,

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  3. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    The only people who have reacted badly to me talking about TMS are those who seem to have it themselves and would become really defensive about how they have such-and-such symptoms which are "real." This would happen even when I was just talking about myself, not the other person, and when I had never said that TMS or pain aren't real.

    It sounds like you want to feel validated when sharing about TMS because it's important to you--that makes sense to me! Unfortunately your friends may have their own issues that are preventing them from accepting the idea of TMS, even if they see it is helping you.
  4. Hugh

    Hugh New Member

    Thank you both! This is great.

    Susan/Forrest: My back pain is about 75% gone now, and am just having random stings here and there. I've been stepping it up on the eliptical, sleeping on my side again, and sitting in most chairs that I use to fear sitting in. It makes sense that my mind would want to shift these pains to other places, and I can see myself having the same worries about my fingers (both index) and trying to analyze what could have been. Previously when only my left index finger hurt I thought, well it's just because I cut that finger. . . but now I feel a very similar pain in my right index finger!!! My mind goes to thinking, well maybe it's because my fingers are a little curved to the side from birth. . . but I use to be much much more vigorous with my fingers and never had pain. I keep focusing on the psychological and stressors in my life, but it continues to scare the crap out of me as I make a living on the computer. Any advice from your tendonitis/RSI Forest??? It scares me to keep using my fingers and overcome the stiffness that is already in my left index finger. One thing that scares me is reading that tendonitis is from overuse to tendons, and I get scared to keep using these fingers if they are being over used. Of course though, I was pissed and couldn't express myself at work right around the time I noticed my finger start. Go figure.

    Veronica: Wow good insight! The guy who rolled his eyes at the thought of repressed emotions has chronic back and knee pain.

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