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TED talk by Joe Dispenza, author of You Are the Placebo

Discussion in 'Mindbody Video Library' started by Ellen, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Leonor007

    Leonor007 New Member

    [QUOTE Over the last 20 years, I have compassionately worked with several dozens of persons involved in what I prefer to call totalistic organizations with regard to getting them to be able to re-evaluate how they came to believe what they believe. My success rate is about 35-40%. Beware of those who say they have helped others in whatever; teaching, technique, or guidance and have been successful "except for a couple of people" Remember the old adage, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't!"[/QUOTE]

    I congratulate you for helping people see the real light. I believe most religions are fantasy, one way or the other, but some are just money greedy. If you read about all religio's background their beginning is always too irrational to believe it. I remember when I would discuss with a priest, regarding catolicism, he just would tell me at the end, you just have to have faith, which is the truth. It's the only way to believe so much fantasy.
  2. Betsy4ever

    Betsy4ever New Member

    Amazing Share thanks Ellen, even its sounds like a sales pitch but always good to get motivation
  3. hodini

    hodini Peer Supporter

    Hello Leonor007,
    Thank you, though I would prefer to say I don't provide people with "the real light" I simply make sure they have batteries in the flashlight bulb for their flashlight so they can continue to look unimpeded .

    It sounds sort of like you are implying " the ends justifies the means" in this case.

    Sometimes it may not be good to get motivation, especially in large group awareness programs or trainings[LGATS]. Where after participating in a large event one can come back highly motivated, however if you often notice the thing they are now highly motivated about is the new training or program. Fast forward to five years later after having spent tens of thousands of dollars on " trainings" and they are now working their butt of for the organization, often for free.

    Many times, in speaking to someone involved in a totalistic organization, they are not familiar with the history or beginnings of an organization, theory or doctorine.
    Then, even if they are they might say something to the effect of "I don't care if it (theory,teaching, practice, etc.), came out of a cornflake box, it works for me". There are reasons why that type of thinking can restrict ones choices.
    In my youth, I managed a pet shop, I made extra money in commissions selling the animals. I was very good at it. Let's say a guy named Joe came into the shop, looked around then asks me,
    " how much is this dog?", I tell him "$200", he goes " are you nuts? That's a crazy amount to spend on a dog( these are 1970's prices) " I say, "Well, why don't you go down the block and have a cup of coffee and think about if you can afford a dog or not?" Joe gets offended, tells me he can afford a dog but the price sounds expensive. I repeat my suggestion to just grab a cup of coffe and think about it, he gets more perturbed.

    Finally, I pull a dollar out of my pocket, press it in his hand ( remember, pre Starbucks's) when he pushes it back at me insisting that he has the means to buy a pet, I tell him, " Joe, that dog will cost you well over $6,000-7,000 by the time it's life is over, if I gave you the dog for free, that leaves around $5,800 you are not thinking about, that is why I told you to think about it.

    Joe "sees the light ". After explaining to him what he will be financially committing to, he breaks down and buys the dog. I then load him up with accessories, vitamins, dog bath, etc an Joe walks out of the store with $500 worth of dog and items.

    Let's say I see Joe in a park 5 years later. I say "Hi Joe, remember me?" He says " yeah you sold me Fido", I say let me tell you how I sold it too you, I repeat the story above and in the end Joe says, " I don't care what you did to sell that dog to me . Fido is the best thing that ever happened in my life!"

    I explain that by telling him that I used my ability to influence him, I do not expect him to take Fido home and put him through the meat grinder. I just wanted to explain that Fido was a secondary part of his experience with me, the primary part was that I was able to limit his choices, and in doing so make an easy sale, by doing the "go have a cup of coffe "thing, I distracted him, caught him on his back foot,he never even had a chance to look at any other dogs in the shop! Let alone do some comparison shopping as one should in such a life changing decision.

    Having ones choices limited, ultimately, limits ones freedom. We all would like to think we are as free to chose as possible, however, an honest examination usually shows otherwise. There is always room for improvement, yours truly included!

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