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Tear duct Surgery

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by andy64tms, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    Hi All,

    Any body here had any experience with blocked tear ducts? I have a long standing problem with watery eyes and this is the latest finding.

    Eye cataract surgeries in both eyes as well as other procedures.

  2. Nzombro

    Nzombro New Member

    I had a tear duct blockage in one eye about 30 years ago. It was a very simple surgery preformed in the eye doctor office. He placed a very small syringe in the tear duct and asked me to let him know when I could feel the liquid run down my throat . It was a piece of cake.
    Don't hesitate having it done.
    Good luck
  3. Nzombro

    Nzombro New Member

    I should have mentioned that this procedure should be done by a M.D or D.O.
  4. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    Nzombro thank you so much,

    I have an ophthalmologist who did my cataracts and other surgeries of which I have had five. My watery eyes have become a vision problem from the point of view that I have to rub them to clear them; introducing dirt into my eyes and further irritation, the worst is when I am driving. Over the past five years I have tried numerous drops and ointments to no avail. I don’t think this is dry eye syndrome or TMS related. The doctor check my ducts at my last visit with a colored solution and said they were indeed both blocked. I see him next week and will discuss this further.

    Thank you for your answer, it was helpful.

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