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Day 16 Talking about TMS

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Ryan79, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Ryan79

    Ryan79 Peer Supporter

    Since starting this program have you told anyone about your condition and TMS? Why or Why not? If you have how did they react?

    The person I confide in the most is my wife. We've had conversations about the topic and she seems like she's on board with the approach. She notices my struggles and provides encouragement. She parallels a lot of Dr. Sarno's teaching to scripture from the bible. Don't worry, be happy, trust in God to provide, have confidence in your self, and care for other people. When we're caring for other people we don't have a lot of time to worry about our own problems. At work the busiest days tend to be some of my least painful days since there is not a lot of time for sitting and sulking over my problems.

    My wife is a holistic believer in trying to fix the body more naturally than relying on western medicine. Not that she doesn't believe in western medicine she tends to view it as a last resort. She states that she believes its appropriate to rule everything out by a physician and then let the body heal physically (if its acute) and then mentally/spiritually (which can take awhile for some).

    I mentioned some of the principles of Sarno to my brother in law. His little daughter scratched his eye about a month and a half ago. He never went to a doctor, and thankfully the eye healed itself. About two weeks ago he texted me telling me his eye was hurting again, and what was up. I told him to get checked out by an eye doctor, but most likely your mind has opened up a neural pathway for pain and stress can initiate this pathway since there are issues you don't want to deal with. He though it was an interesting concept, and I'm yet to hear back to see if he ever went to the doctor.

    Enthusiasm is contagious. If you believe in the healing power of the mind and are willing to share with others you'll gain a deeper understanding of Sarno's principles. I'm starting to educate my headache suffering patients to try a journal about their stresses, childhood, and personality traits. We'll see how it all goes.

    Three things I'm thankful for:
    1) My little girl (21 months) who can say Daddy pretty good.
    2) Awana night tonight
    3) journaling
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  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Ryan. It will be interesting to see how your patients react to the TMS Mindbody concept. Your wife has it right too, believing in the Mind-body connection and also the body's ability to heal itself. I had a weird pimple under my tongue about weeks ago and just brushed my teeth more and gagbled with warm salt water and it went away, mainly I think because time does heal most wounds. As my mom used to say, don't worry about things, because
    "It will all come out in the wash."

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