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Symptoms worse

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Rainbow, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Rainbow

    Rainbow New Member

    After some initial relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I'm getting awful symptoms now. The most scary are palpitations and I haven't had these for a few years. Now they're back and they're hard to ignore. They seem to come on if I over exert myself - walk too fast or climb stairs too quickly. Doing my best to ignore them but it's like having a big flag waived in front of your face saying 'Slow down!'.
  2. ashcatash

    ashcatash New Member

    You mean heart palpitations? I had those a few months ago but they went away as soon as I started taking deep breaths and saying "it's just stress"

    Or do you mean muscle palpitations? I'm still battling those. Those are my main problem and it is maddening and painful.
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  3. Rainbow

    Rainbow New Member

    Hi ashcatash - it's heart palpitations. Seems to have calmed down now and again I'm feeling better. So up and down but I'm continuing with the Structured Education Programme and thinking of what I'll do when it ends. Want to continue with this work - it's so useful.
  4. Beach-Girl

    Beach-Girl Well known member

    Hi Rainbow:

    The SEP is a great way to "get to know yourself" and find out what is the heart (scuse the pun) of your pain. But as you move through the program, it is not unusual of other weird symptoms to crop up. If you can learn to tell yourself "this is just TMS" a lot of times they simply go away. I have been up and down on the pain scale for my back, but have managed to keep other symptoms away simply by downplaying them and ignoring them.

    I've read many books and done a few programs. I've found that new symptoms will crop up as I work though my internal/psychological issues. This is pretty normal. The key is to relax into it as your body is trying to find a new place to put that pain! Don't let your brain win!

    Keep up with the program, you will find your way through.

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  5. Lala

    Lala Well known member

    What your experiencing is both a symptom imperative and an extinction burst. Symptom imperative is symptoms popping up in different places as your unconscious attempts to keep you focused on your body (often picking sites of old injuries or old health issues). An extinction burst is a burst or intensifying of symptoms, especially after you've seen some good progress. I experience both. And guess what both are GREAT news....because it means you have your unconscious on the run...it knows you are onto it and it is desperately trying to hold your attention by intensifying and shifting your symptoms. This means you are really really making progress and healing...so now is the time NOT to lose faith and push through! I promise!
  6. Rainbow

    Rainbow New Member

    Again thanks people for good advice! Appreciated. :)
  7. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    gosh rainbow if i could add ant thing i would-but lala, beachgirl and ashcatach got it covered
    the only thing i can add is sarno and weekes both agree-its nothing
    annoying -but nothing
    face -float-accept-time
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  8. jilana

    jilana New Member

    Hi Rainbow,
    My symptoms and pain got worse before I got better too. I am now pain free for 3 months and still can't quite believe it but it's true!! Keep up the hard work-you will succeed.
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  9. Jilly

    Jilly Well known member

    I love that phrase, 'extinction burst'. I can see the little puff of smoke at the end of the burst. Poof !

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