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Swollen painful tendons (ankles)desperately in need of help

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by miffybunny, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi everyone ,I posted recently regarding my RSD/CRPS in feet but I have also been dealing with severe tendonitis on the sides of the achilles tendons. Pockets of swelling are visible and on MRI. I also have bone marrow edema in all my toes from this freaking disease. After using a wheelchair to rest the tendons,the inflammation has not subsided at all. Could this be a system imperative or am I screwed? I'm feeling so alone because even within the category of TMS my condition is weird. This website is my lifeline at this point since doctors are at a loss. I try to approach it as TMS but the more I walk or stand, the more swollen they become. I haven't been able to wear shoes in six months. Any advice would mean so much to me> Thanks to everyone who replied to my original post as well!
  2. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Miffybunny....Tendonitis in my achilles was a HUGE problem for me. First it was a few years of inexplicable stiffness and limited range of motion. (Doctors didn't know why.)
    And then one day my achilles swelled to the size of a walnut. A large walnut. The sides of my foot were swollen too and oh....the pain...

    When I learned of TMS I ditched my orthotics and heel lifts and began talking to my ankle. And then guess what happened...that other ankle started acting up. That was my moment of realization that what I was dealing with WAS TMS.

    From day to day....even sometime during the day, I can see swelling in my achilles still. Then it goes back down. It's gone from being a HUGE limiting part of life to a mild and bored "oh, it's you TMS" acknowledgment.

    I walk and hike now and still do stretching but ONLY because I tell myself it was the stretching I would have done back in my TMS days....I am NOT following any more physical therapy protocols. (Like that helped...ha!)

    I know you've got more going on than I dealt with but I want to encourage you to treat it as TMS. I am so floored at how my ankles have improved. Especially the one that was so bad. One thing I do everyday is when I apply lotion to my legs (it's pretty dry here in the winter) I give thanks for my legs...thanks for their strength and carrying me all the places...and thanks for the future adventures. It sounds goofy I know but I believe it's playing a part in my healing.

    I also remind myself DAILY and FREQUENTLY that I am getting strong every day. I've had so many years of pain messages, anger and despair, I know THAT'S a tougher battle (retraining my mind) than any PT appointment (I nearly passed out one time from the pain when he was massaging that swollen tendon!).

    I hope you can find even just a little encouragement in my post. Hugs to you....

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