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Day 11 suggestions greatly appreciated!

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Leslie, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Leslie

    Leslie Well known member

    I'm really struggling with focus and concentration. I find myself constantly having to reel my mind back in. I also find my mind running off to make a "list" of "who this could help" when I'm reading the information I find about TMS. There's no doubt this is the "helper" and "people pleaser" in me teaming up to do me in. I have tried compassionate self-talk, I have yelled out loud at my self to just knock it off and focus on helping myself. I've tried giving myself permission to focus on me. Nothing seems to be working. Instead I find that I have to read each paragraph 2 or 3 times to get the full meaning because my mind ran off to figure out who would benefit from the short amount it actually absorbed. Any thoughts on how I can convince myself that the answer to who I can help with what I am learning is actually ME?
  2. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter


    It sounds like your unconscious mind is bullying you out of its fear you will begin to find ways to quiet your mind and focus just on you. Have you tried any mindfulness exercises or meditations? Deep breathing, yoga, or quiet music can have a soothing effect. You might even try some affirmations you can speak out loud such as, My mind is calm and serene. That may sound crazy to you given what you are going through, but a few days of saying something positive to yourself repeatedly throughout the day can eventually have an amazing calming effect on your unconscious.

    Your internal bully may also be trying to distract you from up leveling repressed emotions. It thinks it is doing you a favor which it is not. Taking time daily to journal can help. As you do the work as as time passes you will find ways to be in control and more effectively handle your thoughts.

    You can win this battle.

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