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Such a hard day

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by LouVes, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. LouVes

    LouVes New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm having such an incredibly hard day today. You all know how hard it is to have pain everyday but since Friday evening, I just feel like I can't do this anymore.
    I was making good progress, had managed to calm down my pelvic pain and was progressing well with the programme. Friday was an essentially pain-free day except for a few twinges for about an hour.
    Then in the evening, a tootache started. Nothing horrible but mildly painful. I phoned the dentist on Saturday morning but he can only take me on Thursday. I was on a week's holiday and have to go back to work tomorrow BUT I am in so much debilitating pain I can't even talk. Just swallowing makes me want to vomit. There is no way I can teach tomorrow or function until I get this sorted out.
    And now I feel like I'm starting a bladder infection. I know that I might just be freaking out but I'm so exhausted and so fed up with pain, pain, pain and I just feel like it's never ending. I need to pee constantly and I feel burny but there's no urine. And, of course, it's a Sunday wth no doctors available.
    I want someone to stop this train so that I can get off. I have never been as ill in my entire life as I have since February of this year when my pelvic pain started and I just can't do this anymore.
    I feel like I'm going mad. And I feel so ashamed of myself because I have never been a sick person and that's all I've become. I'm sick of myself and I'm sure everyone else is sick of my constant health problems too.
    Any suggestions would be so very welcome.
  2. MWsunin12

    MWsunin12 Beloved Grand Eagle


    I don't know if you have a deep filling in that tooth. If so, it may be an absess. Been there. If cold water relieves it, it's probably an absess. If it comes and goes, it's probably TMS.
    Go to the drugstore and get powdered charcoal. It will be in the stomach/digestion aisle. You'll have to open the capsules to get to the charcoal.
    Dampen a cotton ball, put the powdered charcoal on it, add a couple drops of water so it's a paste, and wrap it around the hurt tooth as best you can.
    This should neutralize the infection and the pain. Then, call your dentist in the morning and say you need an emergency appointment. Okay?

    If the cool water and charcoal don't relieve it, then it's most likely TMS.
    I don't know what to say about the bladder issue, except to alkalize your system as best as you can. Try a half teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in about 5 ounces of water and drink that down.

    I hope this helps. It's probably all TMS, but the pain is real.
    Let go of the shame about it all. That's only compiling it. You'll be okay. You're not a "sick" person. You're going through some fears and trials. We've all been there in one way or another. Go gentle with yourself.

    I'm hoping it's all TMS and each thing resolves itself. Sending you good energy.

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  3. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    LouVes, oh, so sorry you have such a hard day. I agree with Marcia, call the dentist and ask for an emergency appointment. Then also see your doctor or the emergency at a hospital and get your urine checked. You might also buy urine sticks at the pharmacy. These sticks test for nitrate and leukocytes. You can then see for yourself if you have an infection. If in both cases nothing can be found then it is TMS. Also TMS bladder pain can be excruciating, you might take a pain killer if it is too bad and to take the peak.
    Nothing to be ashamed of! You are only human and we all have these kind of reactions. And it will stop again, for sure!
    Hope you see the doctors tomorrow! I think of you!
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  4. Marls

    Marls Well known member

    Look up d-Mannose for UTIs. Worked a treat for me. And it helps heaps knowing TMSers care for and about you and how you feel.
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  5. LouVes

    LouVes New Member

    Thank you Time2be, Marls and Marcia,

    I went to the ER last night for the UTI as I tested my urine with those little dipsticks and there were leukocytes and blood - my pee was pink (and the ER doctor actually said, "That looks like a really good rosé wine!") but there were no nitrates, so they just gave me something for the pain and told me to phone back in 48 hours for the results of the lab test. I tested my urine again this morning and the nitrates were so fluorescent I think you could see it from outer space, so off I went to the doctor who prescribed some antibiotics. I also managed to see the dentist by driving down there and telling the secretary that I needed urgent care as I couldn't wait for Thursday with the level of pain I was having. She wasn't happy but she managed to squeeze me in (and I'll be buying her a little bocquet of flowers for that). The dentist took out the filling in the tooth - it's an annoying filling because it often moves and needs to be changed and pushed and poked but honestly, I'd taken so many pain meds that I couldn't feel much of anything until he started poking around in the root canal itself and pushed down. So, he's applied a product to kill the nerve and I have to go back in 2 weeks for him to finish the procedure.
    So, I suppose that not everything is TMS and it's good to remember that. Otherwise, it'd be easy and dangerous to attribute everything to it. It highlights the importance of actually seeing a medical professional to rule out structural problems before deciding to deal with it the TMS way.
    Marls: I do know D Mannose and have it in the cupboard. I haven't used it or the antibiotics yet though. The meds need to be taken at night so I'm still deciding what to do. My urine smells bad which is something that never happens so I'm really inclined to believe UTI.
    I'm exhausted, needless to say, but tomorrow is another day!
  6. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Good that you went to the ER/your doc and also had an earlier appointment at the dentists. If there is blood in the urine and nitrate, then it is 99,9 % sure that is a UTI. An UTI can clear up with lots of fluid, but it could also go to the kidneys. I would take the antibiotics. You can take some probiotics afterwards.
    I fully agree that medical checks are necessary if acute pain occurs, that is pain that has not been there before or that easily can be explained by a simple infection.
    I wish you a speedy recovery!
  7. Free of Fear

    Free of Fear Well known member

    Hang in there Lou!

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