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Success story of my friend .... (Back Pain)

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by IndiMarshall, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. IndiMarshall

    IndiMarshall Well known member

    I am a new member here suffering from back pain & I would like to post a success story of my friend through whom I actually got to know about TMS & John E Sarno .. This will serve me & others to never give up as cure is 100 percent possible .. I will regularly come back and read this as REMINDER whenever I am down. (When you reply if you wish to give me any tips , you are most welcome. I am battling debilitating back pain for 4 months now..actually bedridden.)

    My friend suffered from a disc bulge with nerve impingement few years ago and was in bed for couple of months. In his words he couldn't even move in the bed. He took an alternative approach of adjustments using Eastern methods. He got better & resumed his normal life. After about an year the pain came back with same vengeance.. That's when he motivated himself to cure himself of this pain. He then came across John E Sarno book.

    He started Reading the book 'Healing back pain'.. He read it at a slow pace i.e he took 4 to 6 weeks to read the book & the pain had completely vanished by the time he finished it . This is 4 years ago. Since then he is totally pain free . Last week when I spoke to him he said he went for trekking in Himalayas. He said I am not telling this to boast about myself but to inspire you.

    Some key points he told me -
    1) "After curing yourself you will feel 'why did I suffer for such a SILLY issue". YES SILLY ISSUE. (I think this is same as what Sarno said 'TMS is good thing to have, as cure is easy)

    2) After getting rid of symptoms he went for another MRI and found that disc is still pressing the Nerve WHICH means the nerve impingement has no impact.

    3) He never did any journaling but everyone road to success is different.

    4) Meditating & breathing techniques (Spirituality) have aided him in beating TMS. Reason Acc to him is this had helped his mind to clear of any negativities & stay focused.

    5) Pain reduced slowly & gradually. Not overnight.

    6) He told me not to look into negative stories & get deviated as he right infront of me as an example that TMS can be beaten down.

    7) Having knowledge of NLP will be added advantage (
    Richard Bandler's Guide to Trance-Formation: How to Harness the Power of Hypnosis)

    8) All back pains are caused by psychosomatic disorders.

    9) Brain is playing a trick.

    10) cure is 100 percent sure & it's just a matter of weeks (4-10 weeks based on person to person)

    He never had any recurrence in last 4 yrs & he is doing yoga & bending too never gave him any issue. After this experience his whole way of thinking has changed.

    Hope you find this useful. Thanks.
    I will regularly update this thread if I hear anymore important points.
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  2. IndiMarshall

    IndiMarshall Well known member

    Ppl some replies please :) I am Just trying to keep my motivation going. I can try and answer if you have any questions after speaking to my friend.
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  3. Mark W

    Mark W Peer Supporter


    I am sorry to hear about your back pain and I hope you will soon be able to rid yourself of it.

    The only issues with your friend's list are:

    #8-Not all back pains are caused by psychosomatic disorders, which is why you need to be thoroughly examined by a qualified medical professional first. By being examined, you can rule out more serious conditions such as infections or fractures. Dr. Sarno stresses this very strongly.

    #10-The cure can take longer than 10 weeks, because there is person-to-person variation, as your friend says. Some people are cured almost instantly by just reading a Sarno book, and others require a longer time and perhaps some work with a qualified psychological professional. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, just keep with the treatment!

    Once you have had an examination and have ruled out more serious options, then read Dr. Sarno's books (DVD was also very helpful for me) and do the treatment just as he says. Try journaling, reading success stories here on the TMS Wiki, and try not to count the days/weeks it is taking for your pain to subside. Watch the 20/20 clip on YouTube about Dr. Sarno, the Congressional hearing on YouTube where Senator Tom Harkin tells his success story and brings in Dr. Sarno to testify, and the trailer for the "All the Rage" documentary.

    By reading and watching these things, you can help your subconscious accept that your pain is TMS, and that the subconscious' strategy of using pain to distract you from painful emotions will not work anymore. Think about your list of pressures when the pain comes, as best as you can, and the subconscious will eventually give up. Talk your brain, tell it you know what it is trying to do and that you're not falling for it anymore because you are choosing to think about your emotional issues instead of focusing on the pain and the associated fear around it.

    You can do it!
  4. IndiMarshall

    IndiMarshall Well known member

    Thank you. Its really helpful. You are correct on 8 and 10 points. Docs have to rule out any tumours etc. My friend is a very positive man, may be from his point of view he said upto 10 weeks, I am taking everyday as first day and not setting any limits. Setting limits can be demotivating as things wont work as we expect.

    I am picking one point of yours - 'Think about your list of pressures when the pain comes' ... I am presently in pain 24hrs.. I am trying not to remember the pain as much as I can but its a bit hard. I am no 10th day of SEP.

    What is your opinion on Scott Braddy book. A lot people have mentioned that.
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  5. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    you should try to get your friend to post his story on Thankyoudrsarno.org or on this forum. every story helps!!
    good luck with your recovery, tough it out!
  6. IndiMarshall

    IndiMarshall Well known member

    sure will tell him...
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  7. intense50

    intense50 Well known member

    good story thanks, gives me hope.
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