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Success stories, this is how I know

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by IamAwareness, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. IamAwareness

    IamAwareness New Member

    Hey all, 2 days ago I heard Docs ebook healing back pain. One thing that stood out was, belief that you can heal is Paramount. My personality type fit the criteria but what was astonishing was the description of the type and locations of my pain, it was as if I had been examined by the doc. But belief this could help me became knowing this will help me as a direct result of the success stories. 10 minutes into the ebook I started reading the comments. The vast majority were testimonials. My thoughts were, too many positive accounts 2B shills or attention-seeking drama (but it was YouTube) besides this feels like truth to me. So I finished the ebook. Was led to this forum and read these success stories and at that point I was able to cultivate a winning mindset. My analogy is, I'm holding the winning cards in my hand, the royal flush. My job is to reveal those winning cards one at a time but I already won. Sincere thank you to everyone that posted their success story. Mine will be up soon as I still have cards to lay down.
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  2. SRcombs

    SRcombs Peer Supporter

    Belief that you can heal is probably the most important aspect of the program. If you don't believe you can heal then all the meditation, journaling and self-soothing in the world will help.
  3. IamAwareness

    IamAwareness New Member

    Success stories, my personality type and the nature of my pain were to on point for this analytical mind to deny TMS. Upon hearing the audio of healing back pain, the majority have my pain was gone. Since that time it's moved to my hands and my shoulders with residual pain still in my back. Yes, belief is #1 but I now realize how important the work is. As much as I wanted it to be, I'm not that guy that reads the book and lives pain-free from that point on. Just grateful that I know the remedy to this baffling condition.
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