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Stuck to Eye Pain and Itchiness.

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by AkashVerma, Feb 9, 2022.

  1. AkashVerma

    AkashVerma Peer Supporter

    I have been practicing TMS technique since last month as I was suffering from Atypical Facial Pain( labelled by Medical Doctor). Severity of symptoms or pain have decreases slightly but I have obeserved strange patterns of pain over last two weeks. My Symptoms has almost got stuck to my eyes. My eyes pains and itch almost 24*7. Pain over other regions has lost enough severity that it can be ingnored now. Earlier, Pain used to migrate over different face regions frequently. For me, It is eye pain, eye burning sensation and eye itchiness that hurts mosts and is least tolerable.
    What should I do ? Where am I getting wrong ?
  2. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    Hello! I started to have change of sight during the program ( and a lot of other stuff), but anyway eyes are more sensitive to light, sometimes are like heavy, are "weird".
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  3. Celayne

    Celayne Well known member

    Have you tried any interventions such as eye drops? They may help soothe your eyes for a bit so you can get into a calmer place.

    It often happens that symptoms will move or change and that’s a good thing. It lets you know you are doing something right. The symptoms are on the run and will try to distract you in other ways.
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  4. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    It's more common in dry air or too much screen time. Blink more, wash your eyes, and minimize rubbing your eyes.
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  5. AkashVerma

    AkashVerma Peer Supporter

    I have tried prescription strength eye drops with zero effects on eye symptoms. Sometimes, Eye gets watery, sometime gets dry.
  6. Amina.84

    Amina.84 Peer Supporter

    Hi. How are your eyes now please? Need some rassurance. Thanks you
  7. AkashVerma

    AkashVerma Peer Supporter

    My eyes are much better now. I am still practicing TMS exercise. Your mind try to hurt you where you hurt most. But don't get demotivated, continue practicing Mind body approach.
  8. Amina.84

    Amina.84 Peer Supporter

    Thank you very much for your answer it gives me hope it's adorable to have taken the time to answer me ❤. Did you go see an ophthalmologist? if so what did he tell you? (I have seen at least 10 ophthalmologists, each has their own version, I have tested dozens of treatments but nothing works, it's for that reason that I ask you this question). Thanks again
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  9. AkashVerma

    AkashVerma Peer Supporter

    I visited eye doctor only for once as my symptoms were not limited to eyes. Every test was normal. My vision is fine and clear. Doctor prescribed me to minimize the use of smartphone and laptop. And also prescribed eye drops for dryness but of no benefit. When docotors don't get any physical abnormality to treat, they would give you random medicine and advice.
    In TMS condition, use conventional doctors just to rule out serious condition.
    As a programmer, It was not possible to minimize screen use. I continued practicing TMS and eye symptoms subsided. I am still using laptop more than 10 hours daily but no eye pain.

    Your subsconscious mind takes your doubt and try to present it as real through different physical symptoms. But don't fall for it. It is trap to keep you focused on symptoms and avoid emotions.

    I’m so glad my few words were helpful for you!
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