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Struggling with Rosacea after overcoming other physical complaints

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Ktjaa, Jul 15, 2023.

  1. Ktjaa

    Ktjaa Newcomer


    I'm hoping someone can tell me whether rosacea is tms and can be overcome using Sarno's techniques. On the forum I've read stories about people where rosacea did pass, but I'm really struggling with believing that right now.

    To share some context. I had a not so pleasant childhood, both my parents were alcoholics and had mental problems resulting in fights, suicide attempts, forced admission to mental hospitals, divorce etc. I left home when I was nineteen to study and tried to shut them out, which of course only worked to a certain extent. In 2020 my father died and after that both mental and physical symptoms started to pop up. I started having panic attacks, anxiety and started having really bad shoulder pain. Fast forward to 2022 and deciding it would be a good idea to have therapy to come to terms with my past along with a highly stressful and demanding job, my symptoms increased. My entire sidebody became stiff, my legs stiffed so much that I couldn't stand on them, as did my arms, the panic attacks increased and a I experienced tingling all over my body. I got check out thoroughly: ct scans, mri's you name it I had it. All was good. After my last mri result in early may all symptoms disappeared and then 2 weeks later all of a sudden my face turned red, burned and became full of pustules. The doctor says I have rosacea, it's chronic and I should learn to live with it. All the panic and anxiety from the past year is coming back with it. I really want to believe it's a symptom imperative, but have a hard time doing so. So I'm wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and can give me advice as to how to go ahead?
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    My pal has rosacea, and has had some stomach issues. He did not believe they were mind/body at one point..
    But now he does make the connection. He’s eased up about some of his self-pressures (ageism in his profession is very stressful) and is doing great! Sometimes the rosacea does return, usually in times of stress.
    If you have not tried tms work (not just therapy), it might help you out, since it will more clearly tie the physical symptoms to your current ability to express your emotions and ease your stress.
  3. Ktjaa

    Ktjaa Newcomer

    Thank you so much for your reply! The reason I'm struggling is that my functional doctor found out that I am low on good gut bacteria and have very high levels of histamines which seems to indicate a physiological disbalance which needs to be addressed. But dr. Sarno said that tms can cause physiologcal changes right? I have tried a little bit of tms work along with therapy and of course medical check-ups which turned out fine to overcome my other physical symptoms, but now there is a diagnosis which seems to change the way I look at things. I will get started on doing tms work and try to overcome this too.

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