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Struggle of Fear/Worry and Pain with TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by jnelson_1976, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. jnelson_1976

    jnelson_1976 New Member

    I read a bunch of books on TMS, watched YouTube videos, and read posts on this forum. I could not figure out what I was battling in my mind. I knew it was TMS, because looking back on my life it was something I had always struggled with. All of the symptoms and characteristics fit me to a "T". But I didn't feel I had repressed feelings, but I knew I struggled with stress. I had really been battling low back pain off and on my whole life, but really more often the last three years. I had taken medication, injections, chiropractors and nothing worked long term. I finally realized in the last week that I obsess with pain when it strikes. It is all I think about. I develop fear and worry about the pain and wonder how long until it goes away or will it go away? I just finished the book Pain Free for Life by Dr. Scott Brady and it really hit home. He talked about crutches that keep us from getting better. I did as he did in the book and threw out all medication. I think sometimes with TMS there is confusion about the repressed feeling or emotions, when in reality it might just be the obsession with the pain. The more you lay around and think about it the worse it gets. I would highly suggest reading the book and building the confidence that it is TMS, and then just live life and ignore the pain. The less you think about it, the quicker it will go and you will be ready next time it comes around.

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