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Structural symptoms/problems healed by using a mind-body approach

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by yoyo12, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. yoyo12

    yoyo12 Peer Supporter

    Given the amazing stories I've read on the wiki and the facebook group, I can't help but wonder if even structurally caused problems and symptoms could be healed by the power of mind/TMS approach. I read a story about a boy with sjögrens/sicca syndrome, a disease that causes inflammation that progressively damages the moisture producing glands in the body. His glands were completely dried out according to doctors and was told he would go blind as his tearglands couldn't produce moisture anymore to keep his eyes healthy. He cured himself using the TMS approach. I read another story about someone whose scarring from high altitude sunburn faded away after doing the SEP (along with his back-problems). I mean wow, these things are obviously structural, yet using the TMS approach worked for them? What are your opinions on this?
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  2. Click#7

    Click#7 Well known member

    Read the following from an article related to fibromyalgia...someone was arguing that Dr. Sarno's work was true...the other side disagreed. This comment was made in favor of Dr. Sarno, " I personally have witnessed a laminectomy which didn’t heal my sister in law’s pain, it persisted after 3 years of different kinds of therapy, but when she worked on her mind and let her fears go away like Sarno says, her pain vanished in like less than a month.." I believe this is an important comment to all those out there that have undergone a spinal surgery with lackluster results. May it help those folks with fears and doubt.
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  3. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Excellent posts.

    Here is a what your mind can do to heal serious structural problems.

    Morris Goodman was in a plane crash. He was completely paralyzed. Yet, with his mind still functioning, he decided he will fully recover and walk out of the hospital on his own.

    If you are struggling with TMS, there are some very valuable lessons in his story that you can apply to help you conquer your pain.

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  4. Click#7

    Click#7 Well known member

    Found from FBcoach.....on another post..."
    I have had others on here to write a success story, but until I am 100% pain-free, I will hold off.
    To answer your question, I do have times of pain, but I ignore it (learn that from Dr Sarno and "The Great Pain Deception" and burn it off with activity. I have a rod in my Thoracic spine, a Pain pump (,5mgs/daily and reducing) implanted in my lower back, and my MRI looks as bad as any I have seen. I hope this doesn't come across as bragging, but I have built up to a 375lb Trapbar Deadlift for 15 reps. I workout with heavy weights 3/week. My wife and I dance 4-5 nights/week for 3-4 hours at a time with little break. I have become extremely active the past 1 1/2 years. This , along with "The Great Pain Deception" and Dr Sarno have been a Godsend. Trust in the process N! This is key. Luckily I had an Exercise Science and Health degree that allowed me to understand that what Dr Sarno and Steve Ozanich were absolutely correct about the Biochemistry/Physiology of the body.
    Like you, I have times of doubt (why I am not 100% pain-free) and this is why we have pain. It is thru the autonomic NS creating the fight-flight-freeze response. Don't fear the pain....easier sai than done. But repetitive experience and confidence overcomes it. I am off to a heavy workout, the 4 hours of dancing tonight. I would be more than happy to share my experiences! " These are the most difficult and hopefully more will get posted to inspire people !
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  5. Click#7

    Click#7 Well known member

    In the Divided Mind..Dr. Sopher MD. mentioned 3 cases of his that were cured of TMS that had multiple back surgeries. No one on this board ever mentions these cases. I wish people would share if they are aware. There are folks on TMS Forum also that have been cured of TMS post spinal surgery.
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  6. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    TMS frequently "piggybacks" onto structural issues or occurs post-surgically, i've seen it many times in my practice. I guarantee that I know people with various issues that originated structurally that were healed from their chronic pain with TMS methods. I see it daily.
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  7. Click#7

    Click#7 Well known member

    I hope to be one of those ppl. I was starting to feel better in my lower back and hip and then BAM I now have left knee pain with popping and cracking and right top of the foot pain (maybe tendonitis) and wow is it painful. I don't know what's holding me back from healing...there is something that I cannot figure out.

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