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stomach issues/my hx

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by seanpat, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. seanpat

    seanpat New Member

    I have had anxiety and panic for 15 years. Around the same time I developed reflux which has been treated over the years with prilosec/tums/zantac etc. I have had my esophagus and stomach scoped twice and everything is essentially normal. A year ago I got the reflux so bad I couldn't sleep, stomach bloating, nausea etc. This went away and I just got run of the mill reflux that was basically in the background waxing and waning. about a year ago I got some pretty bad shoulder and neck pain. I work out very hard 4-5 days a week so this was a bummer. It was so bad I couldn't sleep. I suspected that it was anxiety induced but went to the orthopedic who did an mri said I had a torn rotator cuff and a biceps tendon rupture. He said no surgery but go to PT. Pt was completely useless as was muscle relaxers, pain pills etc. I found Sarno's book and after reading it the pain has gone away almost completely. I did develop some carpal tunnel pain and TMJ pain after it went away but the program worked and they went away for the most part. I also have prostatitis. I am a walking TMS book. The stomach problems have come back with a vengeance and although I tell myself it is my mind, they are so bad at times I am trouble believing it. Any ideas? Does anyone else have the stomach problems?
  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Sean, I see you are also new here, glad to meet you.

    It seems to me your symptoms are shifting from one place to another. I never had reflux but saw it with my brother-in-law. I recently talked to him about it and I was curious if his episode had anything to do with stress. He affirmed it. It was trouble at work in his case. Since he worked on the causes, the episode passed and he is reflux- and pain-free at the moment.
    I think that shifting symptoms are a good sign, you got them on the run. The mind is trying all kinds of things to see what still works and now it came back to the original one, with success...

    Did you really like to workout by the way? Could it be that it was less about enjoying yourself and more about having to improve yourself and that you were unconsciously fed up with it??

    I also am trying to get rid of the original, most persistent symptoms. I am convinced I will tackle it eventually, I hope you find a way to convince yourself too.

    Take care
  3. seanpat

    seanpat New Member

    Thanks for the response. On the working out. I do enjoy the results of working out although if I could get the same results eating ice cream I would love to do that more. I am under a great deal of stress right now so the episodes absolutely are related to stress. I am working on believing it is being caused by my mind. Objectively I know that it is.
  4. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Doubt is natural. You will start to see more and more relations between stress and symptoms, which will make your conviction stronger in time.
    Do you have any ideas how to lower the stress??

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