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Still struggling with RSI but an early success story aswell

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by aphex1471, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. aphex1471

    aphex1471 New Member

    Hello again,

    I've been thinking a lot recently and I have just about convinced myself that the nerve pain I'm experiencing in my left arm is not due to a repetitive strain injury. In fact I've decided to rename this "repetitive stress injury" as it is mainly due to the constant repetitive stress, anxiety and depression that I have experienced throughout most of my life. I have managed to rid the pain from my right arm almost completely and I type, play videogames and do whatever I want with it without that nagging constant burning and tingling sensation that it used to have. The same symptoms seem to persist in my left arm unfortunately, and it seems to be my ulnar nerve that's being irritated due to some sort of muscular imbalance in my left shoulder (according to my physiotherapist), I was even told on my last visit that he thinks I have "thoracic outlet syndrome" (wow scary) however I refuse to believe that and I'm guessing that because I was seeing him for so long he basically needs to put some kind of diagnosis in his notes to warrant the amount of sessions I've had with him (NHS physiotherapy is free in Northern Ireland). To say I've a lot going on in my life nowadays would be an understatement. My partner was recently diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and my brother attempted suicide a few months ago. Between all this and the time I have to spend working I'm quite stressed out and I don't have the time the start the SEP programme right now. I'm lucky in the fact that I'm financially secure and I plan to reduce my work hours this year (starting next month) to take a break and to try and focus on myself and my partner.

    I posted my introduction here for anyone who would like to see and could offer anymore help or suggestions: http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/new-here-rsi-trouble.17491/ (New here.. RSI trouble)

    I know this is off topic (and quite long) but I wanted to share one story from my earlier life in order to help someone who may have been diagnosed with Crohns disease and or collitis. I've already been getting so much insight and help from this reading forum I would like to give something in return.

    12 years ago I was 21, irresponsible and quite a selfish person to say the least. I was given a car for my 21st birthday by my father and I passed my driving test as soon as possible, however I also had quite an alcohol problem at the time and I pretty much drank every night. One morning driving to work (after drinking the night before), I was stopped by police, breathalysed and was arrested for DUI (Driving under the influence). I was terrified to say the least. How will I get to work? How will I tell my family? My father will be so disappointed? Will I lose my job?

    Notice the pattern here? It's all me me me. I didn't once think about the effect of what this would have on the people around me (my family) let alone the fact I could have hurt or killed someone else, although I learnt that the hard way. Within the space of a month, I lost my driving license, my car, my job and my partner at the time broke up with me as she just couldn't deal with it. I felt so isolated, ashamed and disappointed in myself and pretty much went into solid depression for about another month. Then, out of no-where I started to have severe stomach cramps, so bad at times I couldn't even stand up. I then began to notice a significant amount of blood anytime I used the toilet. This was the red flag that sent me on a rapid downhill spiral. I had blood tests where I was found to have extreme anaemia, I went for a colonoscopy and
    this is when they found ( in the gastroenterologists words) "one of the worst inflamed bowels I've ever seen!"

    Barium X-rays showed a deterioration of a section of my intestine where the small bowel connects to the large bowel (scary stuff).

    They considered surgery which terrified me, however they agreed to start a course of strong steroids first to see what effect this would have. Needless to say, the inflammation reduced and surgery was delayed and my recovery would be monitored by follow up appointments with the gastroenterologist.

    I was prescribed pentasa which I was told to take everyday for the rest of my life in order to prevent a relapse. I would have to change my diet completely and alcohol/smoking was a definite no no. I took this pentasa for about 6 months and then stopped as I actually moved house and lost my prescription form in the process. I never got a new prescription form and I haven't since...

    I met my gastroenterologist a few months later and she was shocked that I stopped taking the medication and pretty much scolded me for doing so! I didn't really like her attitude to be honest so I asked to see another gastroenterologist at the time. This new guy really opened up my eyes.. He looked at the pictures from the colonoscopy and said the same thing as the last doctor, "wow, this looks pretty bad". However he couldn't believe how much I had recovered and also the fact that I hadn't been taking any medication or changed my diet in anyway. He made me feel like I was something special and seemed delighted at my progress. He then proceeded to ask me the magic question, he said "Tell me this, around the time you took ill, did you have anything particularly stressful going on in that time of your life?"

    I told him the story of how I lost my license, my job and my partner and he confirmed that this amount of stress was probably why the flare up started in the first place. TMS confirmed? I think so, however I didn't learn about TMS until a few months ago (almost 10 years later). I have never had any stomach issues or bowel problems since then. I eat whatever I want and still have the odd beer now and then.

    Thank you for reading my story and I hope it can help you or someone else.

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  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great story and thanks for posting this!!

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