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Still struggling to accept it's TMS, a few questions.

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by chlorocala, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. chlorocala

    chlorocala New Member


    I started a second thread as I wanted to check some specific things.

    I have been battling RSI for years now, and it's slowly got worse and worse until I now have almost constant symptoms in the form of tingling, zaps, burning pain and most recently numbness in one finger.

    I also developed bad shaking in my hands and sometimes neck/upper arms mid last year, and I've become quite clumsy, after decades of typing I'm suddenly mis keying.

    What I'm curious about, is can TMS cause 'when I do this, it hurts' type symptoms? I know it can cause say, pain when you run, but can it cause specific symptoms like, when I hold my arm out to my side, my hand goes numb? that sort of thing that is consistently reproducable?

    I'm also struggling a little with the repressed anger/emotions side of things, I've had my fair share of stress both physical and mental but I can't find any standout incidents really, and certainly nothing that coincided with the onset of the symptoms, so on that front I'm not sure how I proceed?

    There's certainly a lot of fears/stresses etc to journal, but none of them seem major enough or long term enough to have cause this.

    Having said that, I do sometimes think that if my health was suddenly OK, I'd still feel just a lost, I just cant work out why that would be?!

    Appreciate any advice in this one!

  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think your pains and fears are because you still don't totally believe they are from TMS: repressed emotions,
    perfectionist or "goodist" personality traits.

    I had trouble journaling so I discovered what repressed emotion(s) I had kept hidden. I wrote about them,
    thought about them, going all the way back to my childhood (I had a lot of them over 84 years).

    When I thought I was all journaled out, I began telling my subconscious I didn't think I had anything
    more repressed, and did sort of a "general" talk to myself. I told my subcon that if I had forgotten anything
    specific, I asked it to let go of my pain for anything I might have missed. My subcon must have understood
    I did all I can, because my back pain went away.

    Some people say they heal by yelling at their subconscious and getting mad at it. I did the opposite,
    I thanked my subcon for being my friend and for filling in the blanks if there were any left in my
    journaling into my repressed emotions.

    Maybe give that a try, and go back over steps in SEP that may reinforce your total belief in TMS causing your

    And enjoy every day as much as you can. Take breaks from TMS healing. Live in the present moment,
    breathe deeply, and tell yourself positive mantras that you feel great.
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  3. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes, I think this is very clear to suffers of TMS. The pain can be very specific to certain minor activities. I hope you go to the Wiki and search for anything that contains "conditioning." You will find this. Certain pairs of shoes, certain computers but not others, etc, etc. This is classic TMS, but you should rule out physical/systemic reasons with a physician.

    I don't think most people here find a "perfect reason" for their TMS symptoms. It is more about inquiring, contemplating, turning the mind to the "psychological rather than physical." As an ongoing process. The human psyche, the way it is built, has plenty of inner pressures, conflicts, repression without having to find a huge reason for emergence of symptoms. If you do find something big, that is a plus, because it helps to confirm the connection to the psychological. But I hope you don't feel you need huge "reasons" to experience TMS. It kind of comes natural! Look at all the people in pain in our society.

    Hope this helps.

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  4. chlorocala

    chlorocala New Member

    Thanks so much for your replies, I definitely have lots of smaller issues that will have generated anger/conflict, over the years and continue to do so.

    What I thought was odd was that the only things I might have considered major, were years before I started feeling any RSI type pain, but maybe that's somehow related to repressing the emotions associated with them? Over the years I've come to blame myself for both events, either rightly or not, so perhaps it's the anger stemming from that, and all the other things that have happened before and since, just stacking up.

    I have been feeling like I need to stop and take stock of my life/how I'm feeling for some years now, I just keep doing the next thing/project and never seem to have time, when in reality that's just not true!

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