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Still plugging away

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by LEW, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. LEW

    LEW Peer Supporter

    i've been reading, journaling, implementing, and applying TMS strategies for more than 2 years. I just finished Alan's 21-day recovery program and will now begin the SEP with optimism and fingers crossed. I value the wisdom and strength of this group to keep me from getting discouraged.

    In another person's post they said that they know what causes their stress. I too believe I put too much pressure on myself and use self-soothing to calm myself. I also practice somatic tracking many times during my day.

    I would welcome any other insights so that I stay on track and avoid poopy days like today after several days and really doing well.
  2. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    Well done for your own great insights about your stress and for your resilience to keep going in the right direction with your recovery. I would add practising not getting disappointed when you have triggers happen and also reassure yourself that recovery is not linear so it is normal to experience highs and lows. As long as there is a general shift in the right direction, stay enthusiastic and empowered on your own journey to a fuller life.
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  3. LEW

    LEW Peer Supporter

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. Lew

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