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Still pain, updates, willing to try gaming again

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Segastar, Apr 20, 2021.

  1. Segastar

    Segastar Peer Supporter

    Didn't think I'd find the muster to return to this forum. Still dealing with this issue in my middle finger that has made lifting things harder. That tendon is super swollen, somehow while i work at the computer, it doesn't seem to bother me as much.

    I had joined this forum cause i experienced severe pain in my left hand last summer from gaming and other possible factors. Since then, i've been going through bouts of depression, hopelessness, and other things that were definitely not healthy. I have been seen by my general doctor to try and rule out any possible major issues again and getting signed up for therapy, so that's cool. Had a bit of a vision scare which im getting a second opinion on very soon.

    With that in mind, it got me thinking about Sarno again. I did read Healing Back Pain last year, i do have Mindbody Prescription too but haven't gotten around to it.

    This issue in my fingers is strange, bouts of tingliness, weakness in my grip, and the fact my middle finger sometimes almost extends fully up from my hand is concerning. I've had the urge to go back to the gym cause due to covid and said depression i put on a lot of extra weight, but i don't want to break my fingers.

    Also my legs are in pain due to me being so inactive, but it is what it is. Gonna try to be more active here and maybe give all this a chance.
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  2. Segastar

    Segastar Peer Supporter

  3. Segastar

    Segastar Peer Supporter

    Found out pressure i was having in my eyes isn't as serious as i thought.

    But somehow the other night, i fell out of my computer chair, my leg buckled and i somehow fell forward and fell on my right leg and now my leg is kinda numb with no swelling or anything. I can walk on it fine but it seems weak. Anybody got any ideas on how i should handle this
  4. Segastar

    Segastar Peer Supporter

    Well i think i can add leg numbness and foot numbness to the list. This fall I had definitely seemed to irritate something in my leg but somehow my hands experienced a really odd burning and numbing sensation tonight, which is very odd.

    I swear i think im becoming a hypochondriac. When i was younger, if i had a similar pull in my leg like i did the other day, i'd just go about about my business and not really care about it. Now that i just turned 26 a few days ago, i seem to go through the same fear that every bit of pain, numbness, discomfort, pressure, etc is some new symptom of something.

    Been dealing with a lot of depression, memory issues, overall mood has been down so i went to my normal doctor, getting bloodwork done (which i find out the result next week). I might bring up the fall i had a few days ago just in case (can't go too wrong in getting anything checked out right?)

    But should i worry the fall i had where i fell onto the side of my right leg caused permanent damage? I had no pain, but my legs have been more numb and tingly because of it. I tried to gently stretch the one leg but something i think was pulled so now both legs have been going numb so I don't know what to do.
  5. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    I've had that happen a few times. Usually went away when I rested, took my mind off the situation, and went back to what I was doing after a bit. Rinse and repeat. Circulation gets pretty weird sometimes when you don't move around much. Keep walking around and staying active, with better circulation things will even out and sensations won't be as intense as the blood gets evenly distributed.
  6. Segastar

    Segastar Peer Supporter

    I'll keep that in mind. I've been sitting a lot at home cause I haven't been interested in doing much else
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  7. Segastar

    Segastar Peer Supporter

    Well i have tried to get back into gaming and golf but i've noticed now my right thumb is like working only 50% how it should, if that makes sense? It seems to have lost a lot of functionality especially if i try to play any kind of action video game so i have to stick to something less intensive. I'm really worried cause both of my hands have pretty much lost all their collective strength and a complete loss of function in my right thumb would just be the worst thing ever.

    Has anybody had their left or right thumb mostly lose function then regain it back with TMS? I've shown most of the classic symptons of CTS, but the last time i went to a hand doctor last year, he didn't think i had it, just tendonitis. But now with my fingers showing much worse symptoms, i just don't have it in me to go back cause i don't want to hear i need surgery, can't afford it. But my thumb seems severely damaged or something. I want to believe this TMS stuff but i can't convince myself cause this all just seems to good to be true.
  8. Segastar

    Segastar Peer Supporter

    Went back to my hand doctor. Took an xray of my affected finger in my left hand (where it's worse) thats stuck up and he believes it's a soft tissue thing and recommended i exercise it normally and keep an eye on it in case it gets painful.......not the answer i thought i would get but i'll give it a try? Im still very skeptical but i'll give it a chance. I'll go back to the gym and try to exercise it like i normally would and try not to think about it too much.

    Also slight update on myself:

    Been taking care of a lot of medical appointments i put off for 3-15 years. (some of them weren't for pain, but normal checkups i put off for a while). I do feel im becoming a bit of a hypochondriac so once i get a filling in my teeth done in a few weeks and revisit my eye doctor in October (eye pressure is high, no signs of glaucoma) then i think i will stop going to doctors for a bit. Have a trip coming up next month so i hope that will cheer me up. Getting mental health counseling soon as well finally. Gonna stick around here cause i like reading the success stories, it gives me some hope i can get to the bottom of all my issues.
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  9. Segastar

    Segastar Peer Supporter

    3 month update time!

    Hand pain has been.........under control. It has its days where it comes and goes. The symptom i notice the most is my grip strength has been absolutely horrible. Especially at work where I pack packages and handle heavy objects all day, i notice i can't grip and hold onto things anymore. Both of my middle fingers are still kinda stuck and I haven't gone back to the hand doctor because i want to take his advice by exercising. I have been doing weight lifting again, (keeping it light since it's been a few years) and while I can definitely lift, i notice my hands, especially my middle and index fingers seem to be really weak. Can anybody relate to having your fingers lose all their strength, especially in RSI type cases? Typing on a computer and stuff has been mostly pain free, probably cause I have ignored most of it and just pushed on through with it. Gaming has been a slow process, my fingers still bother me but i can do longer sessions now than before so I guess that's a good thing?

    Emotions have been my biggest hurdle. I have been going through probably the worst depression period in my life so far for almost a year and only recently did events fall into place to finally take it seriously. I began going to therapy, and I even quit drinking alcohol. I have been going through a rough time at work and stuff which i hope to fix soon. I started finally doing things I needed to get done and Im slowly taking better care of myself, but its a slow process. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for the support i've had.

    Gonna retry reading Sarno's books and see what else i can figure out. This hand pain/finger pain has been quite a lot to deal with but im sure i'll get it under control sooner rather than later.

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