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Day 11 still in pain ....hopeless?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by lucky one, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. lucky one

    lucky one New Member

    Today is my 11th day of the program. Unfortunately, even though I am exercising more vigorously, I am in pain, I limp which is most embarrasing and scary for me. My brother, who is a surgeon, when he visited he said I would probably be in a wheelchair in the future. He probably was joking, but it stuck in my mind. I used to move fast, firmly with purpose, not anymore.
    So, I'm thinking that my pain is not TMS. In fact, after today's exercise session, my other knee is in pain now, although it's mild. I am also feeling anxious and negative thoughts are at an all time high.
    But hearing of others successes makes me happy albeit a little jealous. I fantasize that one day, me too, will be walking beautifully and running and moving again with joy.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi @lucky one, and I'm sorry you're struggling! The thing is, increasing symptoms in the second "'week" of the SEP are VERY common! This is due to what Dr. Sarno called the Symptom Imperative, also referred to as Extinction Burst. Both of these phrases refer to the pushback our brains give us when they think we might stop being afraid - the solution is to give us even more symptoms, worse symptoms, symptoms in new places, and brand-new symptoms. It's no wonder we retreat!

    As hard as it is, your response to this needs to be "Bring it on, brain - I'm just looking for proof that this is TMS!"

    Another technique is visualization. Try to visualize yourself (or your painful body part) doing the workout without pain.

    A technique I learned very recently (although I immediately recognized how it could be very powerful - and it is): Listen to how your inner dialogue translates to a negative message of fear and retreat. The message is "I don't want this pain, get me away from this!" See if you can change your thinking to an "I want" message, instead of "I don't want...". For example: "I want to complete this exercise without knee pain" and/or, even more constructively: "I want to complete my exercise routine with confidence and appreciation that I'm getting stronger with each repetition". Then reward yourself afterwards with something comforting - which can even include an ice or heat session, as long as you view the use of ice or heat as a temporary tool to get you over this hump.

    As for this:
    You can look up Dr. David Hanscom, who gave up his career as a spine surgeon to concentrate on the mindbody approach to back pain. At one point, he was able to convince about 40% of his pre-surgery patients to forgo their back surgeries after doing his Back In Control program. And then there was my grandmother, who became very disabled when I was about 5 years old, including losing a lung to TB - she was told she would never walk again (this would have been in the mid-1950s) to which she said "f*** that!" and spent the next 20 years continuing to garden and take her daily walks, until her death at age 88. Doctors don't know everything - far from it - especially surgeons.

    All I can say is: have faith in the process - you can do it!

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  3. lucky one

    lucky one New Member

    Thank you Jan. I love what you said about drs. not knowing everything, I will continue with the program and I will have faith in the process, I also love the reframing of my thoughts, I can't to I can. Very good advise!!
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