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Still feeling the pain of TMS

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by SME61, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. SME61

    SME61 Peer Supporter

    Hi All
    I know that our experiences vary quite a bit, so I am hoping that some of you can offer advice and even some reassuring words.
    I have been living with TMS for over two years now. I figured out it was TMS after a year of seeing physicians who could not help me.
    The unrelenting pain down my leg and stinging has not gone away, but the pain level is only a 2 perhaps a 3 and sometimes not at all. However, when I do have pain, I am having a very challenging time not ruminating on it, obsessing about it or getting scared. Unfortunately, the more I worry and obsessed I become, the more it bothers me.
    I know my pain is caused by my brain that is trying to distract me from the "fear" emotions I have. I also know that I am safe and that nothing can really happen to me and that it is only a little pain.
    However, my mind/brain is programmed to obsess about this. I have tried cognitive soothing, mindfulness, journalind, the SEP Program and everything else, but I can't seem to stop obsessing about how long this will go on.
    In a sense I feel trapped in a never ending journey, I see a paychologist once a week and a pyschiatrist once a month and am taking some medication.
    The good news I guess, is that I have had some periods a week here, a week there, where I haven't felt pain and I don't obsesss. However, overall I just seem to be looping back to pain and worry.

    Has anyone ever experienced this and do you have any advice for me?

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  2. TheWayBackUp

    TheWayBackUp Peer Supporter

    I am new to this but wanted to share some thoughts. Is the pain at all better than before you began the TMS journey? I have heard some people take longer to heal. Also, I am wondering if you might try a different psychologist and also the chance that taking the medication might be stopping some of your TMS healing?
  3. mnjeaner29

    mnjeaner29 New Member


    I appreciated your post from Sunday. Did you get any feedback on this? I am having a similar experience.

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