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Steven Ozanich "Stevinar" Audio and Chat Log (from the October 27 Webinar with Steve Ozanich)

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Forest, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Everyone,

    Here is the much-anticipated audio from this past weekend's webinar with Steve Ozanich (or as I like to call it, the "Stevinar"). If you weren't able to attend, feel free to listen to the audio below. I would love to hear all of your thoughts about the event.

    You can also download the audio as an mp3. This will allow you to upload the audio onto your mp3 player so you can listen to it on the go. Just follow these steps:
    1. Go to http://tmswiki.org/dl/SteveOzanichWebinar.mp3
    2. Right-click anywhere on the page. A dialogue box should appear. Click "Save As" to save the file to your computer.
    And, here's the chat log:

    14:40:13 Forest Welcome, everyone. The event will start at 3:00.
    14:53:38 Becca (mod) Welcome guest689!
    14:54:17 Becca (mod) If you want you can personalize your username - click on the name appearing next to where you type to change it.
    14:59:58 guest178 Hi, Will Steve O be speaking live ? The site?
    15:00:20 Becca (mod) This is the chat portion of the special webinar with Steve O
    15:01:44 Becca (mod) welcome, yb!
    15:03:07 yb hi everyone
    15:04:33 Mel Hi All
    15:04:48 JanA Hey guys and gals
    15:05:09 Becca (mod) Welcome all!
    15:08:12 MorComm <Mod> Hi Panda!
    15:08:21 Panda Hi MorComm
    15:08:33 Becca (mod) Hey Mel! I just posted the connection details below in etherpad (scroll down on this page)
    15:08:33 MorComm <Mod> Mel, In the TMS Forum. first entry.
    15:08:46 Mel thanks MorComm
    15:08:48 Becca (mod) yes, and here: http://tmswiki.org/forum/threads/special-webinar-with-steve-ozanich.833/
    15:09:11 Becca (mod) We are LIVE with Steve Ozanich!
    15:11:09 Panda I agree with that!
    15:11:21 Richard L Steve's book is the best TMS book ever, a must read.
    15:11:29 Panda I must get it
    15:12:08 MorComm <Mod> Panda, yes, Steve bridges the gap between TMS theory and real-world practical healing.
    15:12:28 Becca (mod) well said MorComm
    15:13:31 Panda I'm going to Amazon directly after this, not cos I need healing but cos I need to know what everyone else is talking about!
    15:13:39 guest137 do u really have to find the underlying issue
    15:13:54 Panda Not always
    15:14:01 MorComm <Mod> guest137, ask Steve later. This is a big question!
    15:14:22 Panda Just recognising the stressors or triggers can be enough I think
    15:15:05 MorComm <Mod> Panda, Assimilating then understanding on a deeper level, yes.
    15:16:23 Richard L People don't believe in climate change either.
    15:17:43 Becca (mod) Welcome Kris!
    15:18:10 guest590 hey!!
    15:18:28 guest137 can we ask questions just joined in
    15:19:18 Becca (mod) you can ask questions here as you think of them and us moderators will relay them to steve to answer.
    15:20:36 guest137 how do you forgive someone who has angered you..think this is the cause of my pain
    15:21:40 MorComm <Mod> guest137, I overlooked Steve's Appendix B. Important stuff.
    15:26:51 guest586 When you talk to your brain during a pain attack that this pain is psychological, do you phrase it in a negative statement or a positive statement?
    15:37:44 MorComm <Mod> Hard to separate your super ego figures like mom and dad (who may have hurt you) from yourself. So when you forgive them, you're actually forgiving yourself. Deep healing.
    15:38:40 guest413 so if you forgive them .why does the pain linger
    15:39:24 MorComm <Mod> guest413, because you haven't really forgiven yourself on a deeper level.
    15:40:28 Richard L It's hard to forgive yourself over a deep self hatred
    15:41:00 MorComm <Mod> Richard L, Yup. Especially when you've been conditioned to accept that as "normal"
    15:41:13 guest413 Richard what do u mean by that
    15:42:19 MorComm <Mod> Richard L, especially when self-hatred has become a way of life for you, a praxis on a day to day basis. that's why those feelings have become unconscious.
    15:43:03 Richard L Self hatred is a deep subject, it's not easy to understand because it's deeply buried sometimes for decades
    15:43:25 MorComm <Mod> Richard L, Yup.
    15:57:20 guest105 Hate to keep bringing up the sitting issue but sitting is the only pain I have not conquered, any suggestions?
    15:58:21 MorComm <Mod> guest105, the conditioning is very deep and strong. you associate sitting with the onset of symptoms. happens early on in the TMS development process.
    15:58:29 Richard L Ditto that guest 105. I'm coming up on 5 years of coccyx/tailbone pain, have not been able to get past it
    15:59:26 Richard L I have an appointment with Dr Ira Rashbaum in Dec, he took over for Dr Sarno in NYC
    16:00:14 MorComm <Mod> Richard L, had that for a while when i relapsed in 2007. now as my TMS pain has gone down, it's migrated to sciatica and lower back pain. that's how you can tell it's going down hill. can't fool you anymore so it adopts new symptoms to trick you.
    16:02:02 Richard L Yes, it is a challenging condition becuase sitting is such a huge part of our lives
    16:02:31 guest105 Richard L, where does it hurt when you sit?
    16:03:29 Forest Oooh, let's not think physically
    16:04:12 Richard L It hurts deep in the rectum around the tailbone. I've had injections, acupuncture etc etc, nothing helped. I've given up looking for a medical solution.
    16:04:24 MorComm <Mod> Are the 4 phases of TMS - timing of the symptoms - absolute categories? seems as though the onset of symptoms for me was after the storm TMS, but I see all of those categories operating in my own case. so do they shade together? ive found that to be my own case.
    16:06:40 Richard L Becca, I've been in touch with Steve by email, we are old friends already!
    16:29:03 guest105 Steve's book is great - read it twice
    16:29:12 honeybear424 I just ordered Steve's book from Amazon yesterday.
    16:29:14 Becca (mod) quick poll - how many of you have read Steve's book, the Great Pain Deception?
    16:29:29 guest590 will i be back on to ask steve my Q;s
    16:29:58 guest586 Have never read Steve's book.
    16:30:09 Panda Not me, gonna get it though
    16:30:32 yb Currently on chapter 3
    16:30:32 MorComm <Mod> honeybear424, yes, because Steve O was such a hard learner, his story merits a lot of study.
    16:31:04 yb I've ready many of his posts on the forums
    16:33:42 MorComm <Mod> No climate change! Just look at the shrinking glaciers in the Sierra. Can't deny it.
    16:47:14 Panda I'm heading off to bed, thanks to Steve, Forest et al for organising the event, will catch the rest of it once it's posted online
    16:47:28 Forest Thanks for joining!
    16:47:29 guest105 Night Panda
    16:49:40 honeybear424 I've been to probably 10 or so in the past 18 1/2 years.
    16:50:27 MorComm <Mod> honeybear424, chiro in light of Sarno's theories obviously functions as a placebo.
    16:50:49 honeybear424 Yes, I read that in his books.
    16:51:28 MorComm <Mod> honeybear424, harder to believe though once you're doing physical modalties to solve essentially psychological problems.
    16:51:34 Richard L Agree MorComm, and also physical therapy, expensive waste of time
    16:52:20 MorComm <Mod> Richard L, I started getting much, much better when I gave up on Pilates and stretching 5 months ago. So obvious once you quit.
    16:52:34 honeybear424 Yes, MorComm, so true.
    16:53:18 honeybear424 Has anyone seen Dr. Stracks?
    16:53:55 Forest I've met him.
    16:53:59 Forest Very smart guy.
    16:54:10 honeybear424 I spoke with him last night on the phone, Forest.
    16:54:18 Forest Great!
    16:54:38 honeybear424 I may be flying back to my hometown, Chicago, for a consultation and diagnosis from him next month.
    16:54:44 Forest He's the one who recommended Kristin Neff's book on compassion that Veronica from the forum and I are really enjoying.
    16:54:47 Forest Great!
    16:54:53 Forest Really smart guy.
    16:55:26 honeybear424 I have that book on the way, too...with Steve's book. Been reading Christopher Germer's The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion.
    16:55:40 Forest Excellent! All great books.
    16:57:06 honeybear424 My insurance won't pay for a session with him, but I am feeling strongly that I need to see him.
    16:57:09 Richard L Just read Fear-Less Now by Ingrid Bacci. She healed herself from serious physical pain. Great book! Deep insights as I read.
    16:57:24 Forest Always good to see a doc.
    16:58:14 guest105 Thanks Richard, I will order that one.
    16:58:19 honeybear424 Do you think getting the diagnosis can really spur progress, Forest? I have been doing this for 9 months and don't feel really any better.
    16:59:36 Forest It took Steve 2 years!
    16:59:43 honeybear424 He charges $400 for a one-hour session in his office, but also offers half-day or full-day individual consultations for out-of-town patients.
    16:59:49 MorComm <Mod> Dance macabre during the Black Death in Europe in 1466. An epidemic.
    16:59:50 Forest But I think that getting a diagnosis can help a lot for some people.
    17:00:04 honeybear424 I'm pretty sure I will go with the half-day for $800.
    17:00:12 Forest That sounds right to me.
    17:00:20 MorComm <Mod> Forest, I agree. They need a authority figure to confirm the diagnosis.
    17:00:22 Forest Your health is priceless.
    17:00:28 guest105 Is he a psychologist Honeybear?
    17:00:34 honeybear424 Yes, it is.
    17:00:44 honeybear424 No, he is a medical doctor
    17:00:58 honeybear424 Listed on the TMS Wiki
    17:01:13 guest105 Why would you need a half day to get the diagnosis?
    17:01:24 Richard L guest 105, what are your symptoms?
    17:01:24 honeybear424 I have been e-mailing him for the past few days and spoke with him last night
    17:01:33 guest105 My diagnosis took 1 and 1/2 hour
    17:02:03 honeybear424 It's not for the diagnosis
    17:02:06 Forest Education.
    17:02:08 guest105 All I have left is butt pain while sitting, other than that I am soooo much better.
    17:02:17 Forest A chance to discuss some of your concerns.
    17:02:21 Forest Get to know him!
    17:02:33 honeybear424 It's for getting through all of the history and for the doctor to help see where you are stuck
    17:02:45 Richard L guest 105, for how long have you had it?
    17:02:50 Forest I think it's great that he'll take that long.
    17:03:09 guest105 It's a little over two years now - seems like forever
    17:03:36 MorComm <Mod> guest105, Butt you can live with that. Even my butt pain is going down after doing the SEP. The last bastion of the syndrome.
    17:03:37 Richard L Ok. Was there some trauma that started it?
    17:03:54 guest105 Yes there was, how about with you?
    17:04:05 honeybear424 Becca, if I am not too nervous, I would ask a different question. I hear Steve say in the beginning that Dr. Sopher won't even see anyone who takes opiates and I missed a part of what he said.
    17:04:33 Richard L No, no trauma, just came home from gym one day and sat down to severe butt pain.
    17:05:02 guest105 Richard, maybe some psychological trauma
    17:05:26 Forest Glad to hear it. Thanks.
    17:05:28 honeybear424 I have a prescription for hydrocodone that I take when my pain becomes intolerable...I take anywhere between 1 and 5 a month...not a day, or a week, but a month. Wondering if that is why I am not getting any better.
    17:05:32 MorComm <Mod> Richard L, sounds like Steve O's Acute Threshold TMS. Cf. p. 19 GPD.
    17:05:33 Richard L Yes, that is a strong possibility.
    17:07:53 honeybear424 I told Dr. Stracks that I have been taking them very conservatively, but he did not say he would not see me because of it or indicate in any way that sporadic use could inhibit my progress.
    17:11:36 yb Just do it, honeybear. Have a Nike moment.:)
    17:23:01 Forest Can you hear Steve, Honeybear?
    17:24:44 guest105 It sounds like Steve believes it is always anger....not the fear, sadness, hurt, etc.
    17:25:37 MorComm <Mod> guest105, fear, sadness and hurt can all generate anger to repress into the unconscious. they make you mad.
    17:26:12 guest105 Thanks MorComm
    17:28:53 guest105 Yeah he's in New Jersey. Saw Dr. Gwozdz a few months ago.
    17:29:36 Richard L guest 105, you live in NJ?
    17:29:50 guest105 No, Pa, how about you?
    17:30:16 Richard L Rockland Co, an hour north of NYC
    17:33:15 guest105 Steve O is great - really good advice
    17:33:35 Becca (mod) agreed!
    17:34:18 MorComm <Mod> guest105, exactly. setting up an obsessive ritual of healing only perpetuates the TMS syndrome. This is really good advice: Just live your life!
    17:36:33 guest794 My therapist says to do this work "half assed" :)
    17:36:48 guest105 Lol
    17:36:49 Becca (mod) haha
    17:39:58 honeybear424 Guest105, can I ask who diagnosed you? You said it was an hour and a half. Now I am wondering if I should just do the hour...
    17:41:05 guest105 Dr. Gwozdz in New Jersey, l and l/2 hour diagnosis and then back for a 2 hour seminar (didn't learn anything at the seminar)
    17:42:11 guest105 right, learned all he talked about in Dr. Sarno's books
    17:42:49 MorComm <Mod> guest105, so the seminar reinforced what you already has read about? Good in that sense: as reinforcement.
    17:43:04 MorComm <Mod> had read
    17:43:05 guest105 Very true MorComm
    17:43:46 guest105 And Dr. Gwozdz accepts insurance so wasn't very expensive
    17:51:49 Becca (mod) http://www.amazon.com/Babies-Need-Mothers-Prevent-Children/dp/1436343070
    17:52:06 guest105 thanks Becca
    17:54:07 honeybear424 I just looked it up on Amazon, Becca. :)
    17:55:06 MorComm <Mod> I met Alan Watts at City Lights bookstore in San Francisco. Have his books. He had a houseboat in Sausalito in the Bay. Used to have radio show in the Bay Area.
    17:55:13 Becca (mod) great way to end!
    17:56:21 MorComm <Mod> Thanks so much for your time and wisdom and practical experience, Steve. Very enlightening chat.
    17:57:17 guest105 Thank you all, have a great night
    17:57:27 Becca (mod) goodnight!
    17:57:38 Birdie78 goodnight!
    17:57:54 honeybear424 Thank you, Steve! Thanks , Forest, Becca, and MorComm for moderating.
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  2. Enrique

    Enrique Well known member

    Thanks for posting the Stevinar! Since I couldn't make the live session, this was great to be able to come back and get to listen.
  3. Jilly

    Jilly Well known member

    This was an amazing webinar aka Stevinar ! :)

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