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Steroid shot?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Bk1959, Oct 10, 2022.

  1. Bk1959

    Bk1959 Peer Supporter

    Hi - a couple months before being introduced to TMS I investigated a steroid shot with the pain clinic. The thought at that time was, if I could be relieved of some amount of pain, some of my other modalities like chiropractic and PT might have more lasting effects. I have not had my appt. yet, the first consultation will be in two weeks. I am wondering about anyones thoughts on this.
    I have started embracing the TMS techniques about a week ago, still doing a lot of reading. I see some small benefits so far. But wondering if this would be counterproductive, even if I continue with all the TMS focus. I also realize it is 50/50 whether the shot will even do anything. I have to say, the thought of being in less pain quickly, even if short lived, is pretty appealing.
    Thanks for any thoughts.

  2. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Barbara! I took a peek at your other posts and saw you were considering getting an x-ray. How are things now? Are you still considering a steroid injection?

    You noted some small benefits with TMS work. That’s great! Have you continued to see improvements or at least maintained the small benefits?
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  3. Bk1959

    Bk1959 Peer Supporter

    I just got an X-ray on my knee, which, although it makes a terrible noise, does not hurt. Go figure :). I am still thinking of a steroid shot, but still going to continue all of the TMS work I am doing.
    I am seeing small benefits from the TMS work so far. I can periodically walk further before getting an increase in pain. I have begun to not be afraid of adding my normal daily activities back in, and hoping to start back running soon.
    I had been having a terrible time sleeping the last few months. Unable to get into a comfortable position, using pillows, etc. I decided about a week ago just not to use any pillows and just observe the discomfort. This worked, and I have not had any problems sleeping since. I wish it was that easy for the discomfort that comes with taking the dog for a walk or just standing, but that will come.
    Also hoping to connect with a PT familiar with TMS soon, to hopefully give a few more options and guidance.
    Thanks for checking in.
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  4. Bk1959

    Bk1959 Peer Supporter

    UPDATE- I did go ahead and get a steroid shot in my hip. I understand this will potentially be short lived and a placebo. But my question is, does anyone have any suggestions on how best to take advantage of this time when my brain can potentially be on vacation from hypersensitivity.

    I am almost halfway trough the SEP and also getting some good info from the Curable app. Still trying to connect with a TMS focused PT. But what I have noticed is that by compensating for so many years and overusing some muscles and ignoring others, I think there are some muscles that could definitely use strengthening.

    thanks for any input. Barbara
  5. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Visualization is a powerful technique, and in fact it's what our brains use in order to anticipate and create pain. If you make a conscious choice to use it constructively, you can totally turn around the outcome, to anticipate and create recovery. Thus, when you choose to use a treatment or a medication, consider the following mindful steps:

    1. I am being compassionate towards myself by using this tool to give myself a break, and to jump start my recovery.

    2. By reducing my pain, I can do more, and I can let my muscles experience the benefits of exercise, and I can visualize them getting stronger each time I use them.

    3. By reducing my pain, I can experience and remember what it feels like to not have pain, and I can make a decision to reject the anticipation of pain, and to reject fear.

    I might suggest that you write out these affirmations and read them out loud every morning. With mindfulness.
  6. Bk1959

    Bk1959 Peer Supporter

    Thanks Jan. Those are good affirmations. Will definitely write them down for daily use.
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