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Day 1 start

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by hello123, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. hello123

    hello123 Newcomer

    Hi everyone!

    This is day one of my educational program. I started having pain in my forearms while using the computer and phone about 2-3 years ago. I started to avoid using the phone and computer. i stopped replying to messages and everything. so i got quite isolated. But as time passed i started to use the phone maybe 3 times a day, but not typing with the thumbs because that caused more pain. i sat infront of the computer with ergonomic gear and ergonomic techniques to somewhat decrease pain a little bit. I did that until a couple of days ago. Today I have stopped using the ergonomic techniques and gear and i have started to type on my phone with my thumbs and using it more. i still have pain, but i dont feel the same fear of sitting infront of the computer or the phone, and i dont care about the pain.

    I feel like i have come far reading the book and reading other peoples stories. The pain is still there(feels a little bit better) but i know its just a sensation caused by the brain to distract me from difficult emotions. I'm feeling hopeful i will get pain-free, and my mindset on tms and the pain is so much different.

    I can also say that i first got the book(healing the body, healing tha pain) 2 years ago and read it. I accepted that i had tms, but i continued having fear doing certain things. Today 2 years later i realize that and i wont let pain and fear limit me from anything, because i know that it's not dangerous what so ever.

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