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Sprained wrist, or TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Secret Habit, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter


    About 2 months ago my my left wrist flexion muscle/ligament got sprained... or so I think (Weird incident where my outspread hand got bend inwards)

    I treated it like like no big deal, like TMS for a week, but it did not get better. I began treating it like a sprain because after a week or so, it began hurting much more. I have had TMS to the max in my life and have experienced the symptoms of what they would call carpal tunnel, RSI, and even De Quervain's syndrome so I think I grasp what TMS would feel like

    De Quervain's syndrome was one that was so off because it actually "clicked" and caused major pain. If what I have now is TMS then i compare it to that. It hurts a lot - Its sore to touch sometimes, it will feel as if I have a torn ligament at times, it will be so painful I need to brace it at time...

    I was a week into having the symptoms and decided to play ice hockey... BAD decision because it became so painful after I had to brace it for the next 2 weeks without taking it off... I really only began to see some results in the pain 2 weeks ago, but I was drumming 3 says ago and now its back to hurting a lot.

    The pain does fluctuate and the sensitivity to touch and certain movements comes and goes too - This is why I think it could be TMS but the pain is so real, like a sprain or tear, that I feel confused

    Dcotor called it inflamed and did some basic mobility stuff with it a month ago and said its no big deal...

    Please ask anything else if you need clarity, I really need some help and support as its hindering me so much from work and life.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I always love that sentence... "But the pain is so real". Could it hold our attention if it was anything else? After 21 years of doing this crap I have had incursions in almost every part of my body. Each new one is a little scary because the pain is so real.
    So what d you do? First....rr.....r.....r....rewind.

    Sarno was always a little confused about sprains. When he wrote HBP he even said as much. Since following his advice saved my ass, I just sort of roll with his idea's even though I don't have his experience...and he almost dismisses them out of hand. He does talk about 'strain' and over use but just mentioned it creates soreness which is almost a good feeling. I sawzalled out tree roots for 6 hours a few weeks ago... the next day my wrist/thumb were so STRAINED I could hardly hold my bat..... It was gone in twenty four hours after the muscle recovered... like weightlifting. No pain, just weakness........... but I still don't know what a 'sprain' is. Any time I have lingering pain in a joint/spot/wrist/ankle, I call it out for what it is ....TMS

    which is what the big back up was about rrr....r....r....r.....r.rewind

    What was happening when it occurred (the symptoms began)?. Not the physical trigger, but in your life, financially, emotionally, relationships, career , competitively?

    On careful inspection I have always found that whatever I thought 'happened' wasn't the culprit. It was the state of mind I was in when the symptoms began, often a day or even days after the alleged injury. USUALLY it is a case of I was somewhere or in a situation where my conditioned 'goodist' didn't say something about straight up NOT COOL actions of another. If it happens on the baseball field, there is usually someone there I secretly in my unconscious mind LOATHE OR I just want to be the nice guy who happens to win every time... I am super competitive deep down in my inner core, probably based on feelings of inferiority left over from childhood.

    Anything that doesn't go my way, anytime I am nice to someone I am not fond of, everytime I volunteer (or am volunteered) to do something I don't want to do....all TMS farms

    ..and the fear portion is actually proof it's TMS. Since TMS Job is to distract me, the more confounded and scared I am, the less likely I am to get to the above mentioned truths. That's why quiet time and scribbling are so important.....followed up by a nice 5 year old, tourettes style verbal enema.

    So...rrr...r.r..r..r..r...rewind. What was going on when you first noticed the symptoms?
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  3. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter

    Amazing, thanks for the help! It’s incredible how much a message like this did for me. Changed my perspective and thoughts instantly

    thank you!
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  4. Bonnard

    Bonnard Peer Supporter

    When I started working out with a trainer at the gym, I would bring all kinds of ailments to him. Strains, possible sprains, maybe I have a stress fracture? and on and on....

    He helped me through all of these, but I found myself telling him each time how real the pain felt.
    I've also shared my Sarno TMS experiences with my trainer, so he knows me.

    Each time those situations happened, there was underlying stuff going on.
  5. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    my the quervain also come and goes, i was having a lot of leg pain , but has gone, just to get back the clicling thumb, how are you doing right now? was TMS for you as well?

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