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Sore neck and sleep issues from one who has had TMS usccess

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Secret Habit, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter

    Hey guys

    I am not new to TMS and have had amazing healing ever since I found out about it...

    For some reason, I have had this real trouble getting a good sleep off and on the past month, and as of late, the past 2 weeks, have really struggled to wake up without a sore neck and sometimes sore back.

    This new season of life is not easy... I moved across Canada to the East coast with only my Wife, I quit my job of 7 years to enter into full time ministry where we are now raising funds, I am feeling busy and most times overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, and I have felt alone with nobody to play sports with or let out my competitiveness.

    I want to believe this is TMS... I do at a head level but my heart, because of the turmoil I am going through, keeps clinging onto the fact that I am in pain and its a justification and excuse to groan about how hard things are...

    My post here is to get some support and confirmation from others who know about TMS. It can be hard to talk about with others and I feel I get mislead in times like these.

    I have been feeling afraid to go to bed, and expecting the worst so I know I am not helping myself out at all. I have been praying and journaling but it seems like it has been at a mind level and not a heart level...

    Any support and encouragement would be appreciated
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    That's a boatload of TMS ignition right there. Moving, Job change and Separation from your Bro's. Regardless of our awareness that these are repressed rage factors, We still get it and wonder "why is this happening when I am TMS Savvy... I Know what this is ..Go away, Leave me alone"

    I have been exactly where you are. Except for this part:
    That sounds almost second gain-ish. No matter how difficult my life is I am never OK with TMS.... Nor feel it's crappiness as any sort of glory to revel in. I've gotten mad at God about it and angry at myself about it, but never seen it as a merit badge.

    'And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil....'
    He was speaking to People after God's heart. Why could God lead us into temptation???

    Know-it-all-ism. Self righteousness. Thinking that I know what is happening and that it should exempt me from TMS. Some sort of dark reflected glory in my suffering (St Paul and His thorn)
    That would be akin to saying a degree in Psychology would keep you safe from mental illness. Or a degree in nutrition would keep you from being fat. Knowing about TMS and it's working doesn't make me immune to suppressed rage OR ANY BETTER AT PREVENTING IT ! It only gives me a headstart in finding where the solution is because I found it there before. That's it.

    Every time I have been where you are at, I re-submit myself to this process.READ. Page one, Day one. I keep a pen and pad handy and scribble down any new 'aha's' I get and I always get them. Read a different text or try the SEP on this forum. Shake something loose. I have been painfree for two decades but still have to humble myself when a new tickle show up.

    Your symptomology is super duper common....fortunately so is the solution...

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  3. MWsunin12

    MWsunin12 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Secret,

    You've done things this year that are high on the stress scale. You need some loving kindness to yourself. Even if you have a life you love, you may need to write out the journal stuff that you're finding fearful. Even if it feels like little kid stuff, you kind of ARE the "new kid" in a "new school."

    Write on the top of a piece of paper: "Okay, kid. What would you want me to know. You can say anything." Then, write. Don't censor. Write.

    Peace. Best wishes.
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  4. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter

    Thanks, this was SO helpful and I am doing better as the days pass by
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  5. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter

    I like this! I will pray into this

    Thank you so much
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  6. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter

    I am feeling much better the past few days! Getting perspective is always so helpful when I am stuck
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