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Day 8 some extra pain after using my hands too hard [RSI]

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by rsiman, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. rsiman

    rsiman Peer Supporter

    Yesterday I decided to try out using my controller and keyboard and mouse for videogames out in my living room (with no comfortable desk or chair). Ouch! My thumb has a weird pain now and overall my hands are a bit more achy. I played non-consecutively for about two hours, with the workrave software telling me to take short breaks. In the moment I started to get really painful using my controller so I switched to keyboard and I couldn't fell as much pain in the moment but I was achy after. I don't know if the treatment is working for me or not honestly. Just resting my hands and doing exercises was helping my hands, albeit slowly. This program saying to work through the pain to some degree seems kinda dangerous.

    Question To Ponder: Are you having success at recognizing the emotions connected to your pain? If you have, how do these emotions make you feel? If not, what do you think is preventing you from doing this?

    I am not really having any success at this. My emotional state does not seem to connect to my pain. I am also pretty even-keeled at all times, so it would be hard to tell anyways.

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