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SO MUCH PROGRESS....feeling stuck with IBS, stomach pain, hormonal issues

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by beattheroadblock!, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Submitting here to see if I can get some help, tips (and some reassurance this is TMS?)....

    First, the recovery!!!:
    A bit about me....I know this work WORKS. I went into a gynecological surgery after a year and half of dealing with symptoms (that terrified me!). Those gynecological issues were resolved but I woke up from surgery with extreme pain I never had anymore. It took me down a road of stem cells, nerve blocks, medications, acupuncture, countless doctors, PT three times a week, bladder installations etc etc. I became terrified of my pain....and furious that I went into a surgery that was supposed to help me and made me "disabled" (little did I know....). The only time I got relief was around my period....I had created a belief that my symptoms go away when I start my period. I was terrified to exercise despite being a huge yogi and athlete. I felt robbed of my life.
    A year and a half ago, I started working with a mind-body therapist specialized in this work. My world started to change (and my symptoms went all over the place and had zero correlation with my period)...and achieved long-term recovery from the following symptoms / "diagnoses'"

    - levator ani syndrome
    - lower back burning and pain
    - pelvic floor dysfunction
    - IC
    - pudendal neuralgia
    - full body tingling, burning, and itching
    - rashes
    - random muscle spams (leg, arm)
    - chronic constipation
    - facet syndrome
    - chronic anxiety (still happens...but oh man! SO much better)
    - vulvodynia
    - heart burn
    - burning feet (that was so TMS-y to me, I never even mentioned it to anyone. My thought was "really? this is what you're trying? so weird...and went on with my life"
    ....and more, I forget at this point.

    I now work out and do what I want. Starting my own company, having a loving relationship, my life is no longer small (although TMS would like it to be. My unconscious would like it to be).

    That all being said, I've made leaps and bounds and have felt totally stuck the past six months. My "IBS" has turned into chronic bloat, gas, and stomach pain when pressing down. Over the years, I've done countless stool and urine tests (with GIs and naturopaths), there was a top colorectal surgeon at my surgery and he saw nothing, 2 endoscopies, colonoscopy, motility study of my gut, SIBO test (negative) - treated sibo anyway to no avail, allergy tests (none). I'm good at taking high quality probiotics for my specific needs (tested with a naturopath and more, magnesium. This is my OLDEST TMS symptom...that I'm still scared. I can't shake it...I'm not scared theres actually something wrong...IM SCARED IT WON'T GO AWAY.

    The second one is that I was on the mirena IUD for 6 months....I've had it out now for over a year because it gave me some annoying side effects. I removed the mirena over a year ago...and I keep having one of the frustrating symptoms I had while I had it. My breasts would TRIPLE in size two weeks before my period and get incredibly painful and tender. This now keeps happening. Could my body be doing this to scare me? I've had this happen for a month when I was 20 (it started the same weekend I developed chronic bloating and constipation)...it eventually went away. Some times now, the breasts stay swollen and painful even after I menstruate. I've been to several OBGYNs, done a hormone panel ... even the specialist who followed me after my surgery - I've been reassured that the condition I had the surgery for is not back and I don't need to worry about it come back and is not causing this, had several ultrasounds - all normal, totally regular cycle...but I feel like Im chronically bloated with swollen breasts (I know this is weird one...but its like TMS found the one thing that actually terrifies me because it's the oldest?) and feel puffy / swollen.

    The advice I've received is "work on the stress" (the therapist even works directly with my specialist as she believes in mind body as well) and "you just have crappy PMS, it happens" ....

    OK...so, I know this is a long one (and genuinely sounds kind of wacko when I read it back to myself...but hey! it's TMS...or something real...and freakin UNCOMFORTABLE...I hear my own "stuckness"). I haven't found much on the second issue anyway in relation to TMS.....but if anyone can offer ANY advice, it would be so greatly appreciated.

    Also happy to give any advice and support I can on the symptoms I've recovered from :)

    thanks everyone!!!!!!
  2. manny8888

    manny8888 New Member

    Hi, I am a newbie to the forum and many of what you said (save for the woman stuff since I am male :)) apply to me as well. I am an entrepreneur as well and I do have back pain and IBS together. I have achieved some relief from the pains following a few techniques that I posted on this forum. I cannot comment on the women issues you face I am sure TMS could cause these. I am trying a new experiment - the trade off - I am asking my brain to distract me by giving me say RSI that I can deal with better than back pain that puts me off totally. I am not sure if that would work but I will post it on this forum. Things WILL get better for you I am sure.
  3. Kozas

    Kozas Well known member

    I feel the same. I battle with abdominal pain/ibs and teeth pain since 2011 and I know there's nothing structurally wrong. But I already lost my youth because of that pain and I'm scared I will lose remainder of my life. I can't just 'ignore' this pain, because it's friggin PAINFUL. I'm trying TMS since few months, but nothing really changed in my symptoms
  4. keenie82

    keenie82 Peer Supporter

    All I can say is if you got rid of IC, your IBS will disappear. As well as your breasts getting bigger before your period. (That is very common for women BTW. Mine used to get very large and tender. Less so after breastfeeding.)
  5. keenie82

    keenie82 Peer Supporter

    A bit about me....I know this work WORKS.

    Remember that and only that!!!!

    The advice I've received is "work on the stress" (the therapist even works directly with my specialist as she believes in mind body as well) and "you just have crappy PMS, it happens" ....

    Can you give advise about how you healed from the bladder stuff?

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