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Day 1 So I am giving this a try...

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Oxalys, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Oxalys

    Oxalys New Member

    Hi there. I am in my early thirties and for the past year I have struggled with a range of physical symptoms. They came on around the time I stopped breast feeding, when I'd experienced some losses in close family and friends, and after a major health scare. I thought getting the all clear on my health scare would mean it would all go back to normal but it didn't.

    Symptoms were:
    - Dexterity problems in my hands, some numbness, lack of coordination
    - Unbalanced feeling, like being on a boat
    - Full/blocked ears
    - Feeling of exhaustion in muscles
    - Difficulties sleeping well/at all
    - Vision disturbances
    - Aching neck, feeling of sparks or electricity in my spine
    - Aching shoulders
    - Disorientation

    I was told this was anxiety, I didn't feel anxious but felt treating it as such would be worth a try, so took significant steps to reduce pressures on me. Things have improved a lot, I've been working hard to exercise and to study mindfulness, I have reduced some of the pressures in my life, and generally feel very relaxed. However, I still get symptoms most days, and some new ones too:
    - short-lived stabbing pains in neck, arms, armpits, wrist and knee joints
    - Continued stiff neck and shoulders
    - Continued disorientation
    - Continued electricity feeling in spine

    I feel I've tackled this as anxiety in the best way I can, and am looking for where to go next in terms of improving the situation - hence coming here. I'll continue the mindfulness and exercise. I have read about TMS and feel the personality traits match mine perfectly, but not sure the symptoms I have match. I am not in loads of pain, I haven't stopped doing things I used to (although I am I guess adapting slightly when I lift/carry?) and my pain doesn't exactly match the areas described by Dr Sarno.

    Has anyone else experienced similar to me?
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