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Day 8 so hard

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by DogPound 3, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. DogPound 3

    DogPound 3 New Member

    So hard figure out what emotions are at the root of the pain. And speaking of the pain, having a difficult time not focusing not the pain. Days 4,5,6 noticed pain had decreased to low level ache and today back up to full force. Frustrated.
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  2. Marian

    Marian Peer Supporter

    DogPound 3, I had a hard time (and still do) not focusing on the pain in that first and second week. Then something seemed to shift a bit and it started to be easier for me to say "so what" to the pain, at least once in a while. :) It seems to just happen on its own if you continue with the program. It is frustrating, but if I just try to relax and trust the process, it seems to help. The pain gets better and worse and better again. So what.

    I think for many people it isn't as dramatic as the examples in the books. It's more like the cumulative effect of years of repression. So we have to learn new habits of thinking and new patterns of dealing with things. Hang in there.
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