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So frustrating!!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Lou, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Lou

    Lou New Member

    I have been doing the TMS program for almost 2 months now and things are definitely getting worse. I now have spells of lightheadedness every day that are bringing on panic attacks to go with the constant miserable pain. I know that the fact that things are amping up is supposed to be a good sign but it's hard to view it that way when I'm in a full blown panic attack. I've been trying to do meditation, mindfulness, etc. to calm down but it's not helping as much as it used to.

    I have decided to talk to a therapist to see if that helps but I am feeling very lost right now. Anyone have any other suggestions that might help?
  2. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    When working through the tms recovery programme anxiety and panic can intensify because you are removing the cover for them, that is, the pain. You are starting to see the pain for what it is. It is helpful to try to just be with these emotions and know that they too will pass if you see them as just part of recovery. Try not to add more worry and disappointment. See it through and you will change the way your mind processes your life. Your life will open up and fear will take a back seat.
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  3. JoeHealingTms

    JoeHealingTms Peer Supporter

    A therapist would be your best step. If it is a TMS/MBS therapist all the better. Beside that, have you already make sure that you have been checked by a medical doctor to check that what you have is really not structural? Light headiness could be a number of things beside TMS, like blood pressure or low sugar. Have you read the books, not just coming to this site and do the program, but read the latest Sarno books? I found for myself that I had to read them several times to realize and let some of the material sink deep in my mind. I always recommend the audio book format to hear while your are going to sleep so the info gets ingrained in your subconscious. Every chapter have key lessons that have to be deeply understood and beside understood, accepted and ingrained in your attitude and way of thinking. Some affirmations going into alpha mode just before sleep and first things when you wake up have worked best for me. Journaling have done a great change and effect also. If you can get into relaxation in your bed when the pain comes, and just be an observer, and lightly touch with your fingers the pain areas in observation mode, you might see how the pain is actually just anxiety. You might notice that when that pain attack comes your head is full of running thoughts. In that moment you have to talk to yourself and calm your mind down. See each individual though that comes in that moment and dismiss it out of your head after seeing what it is about. Dont keep it as a train of though, just dismiss is. Another one will come immediately. Keep breathing deep into relaxation while dismissing each though that come with an " oh well" or " it is ok and I am safe". You will notice that your mind calms down, your body relaxes and your pain becomes manageable or it might even go away. A warm pad as a placebo aid helps greatly while you are in bed. Journal every day and every night. Even if you dont have what to journal about. Just journal about what you are feeling at the moment, whatever situation is. Notice what you are doing every day that might be bringing conflict. Are you too much on the internet listening to the media and expressing your opinions about things? That will create anger. Take a vacation from Facebook and news media and concentrate in everything that have to do with healing. Avoid toxic persons or people that start talking to you avoid things that create conflicting thoughts in you. At least until you heal. Take care of yourself. Go have your nails done, or a relaxing massage. Go enjoy nature. Avoid all type of conflict. The biggest problem is our personality. Learn to take the things that normally bother you in some other way. Stop being picky. Try to be less of a perfectionist. Let go of that small things that are not worth a fight or a bad mood.BREATH.. all the time. Deep breaths when you feel that something is bothering you, and concentrate on that in and out action of the breathing until you return to be calm. Im sure the therapist would help you to point out where your tension is coming from and how to start addressing it. Hope all this helps.
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  4. Lou

    Lou New Member

    Thank you JoeHealingTms and bird set free,

    I appreciate the good advice. I started taking Cannabis for the pain a while ago and am pretty sure that is the cause of the lightheadedness ( or my brain is using this as an excuse to make me think so). I have an appointment soon and will ask my doctor then. I really think it's mostly TMS causing the lightheadedness etc. because I don't always have it...mostly it comes in the morning when I start to worry about facing another day of pain.

    Thanks again for the advice.
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  5. JoeHealingTms

    JoeHealingTms Peer Supporter

    Well, that was a little detail left out there,...LOL. I have never used it so I could not say about that, but my nephew had it after a big back surgery for scoliosis, and he does get light headiness. I do not recommend cannabis in the smoke form, because I have known a few persons that have developed psychological dependency, meaning that they felt that they could not do anything without cannabis. Sarno method is all the opposite, trying to get the placebos and mindsets that we self impose down to a level of not having to use any of them. As I told you, check for other things and do not self diagnose yourself. The best way I have read about using cannabis, if you still want to use it, is to make the oil that Rick Simpson shows on youtube. The oil wont give you high or lows or affect anything in your personality and will bring pain down. Ideally, you should look for a way of thinking more like it is psychological and less structural, and gradually get rid of all the placebos. Good luck.
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  6. Lou

    Lou New Member

    Thanks Joe,

    I do use the oil. My research and my doctor both agreed that it is the safest way to go. I don't take a huge dose but plan to get off it as quickly as possible. I definitely need to get the pain to calm down a bit first though so I have decided to try getting help from a therapist. The odd thing is that I only seem to get lightheaded in the morning. If it was the cannabis I should get it every time I take it. I tend to have a lot of anxiety in the morning and I think that is contributing to the lightheadedness or possibly even causing it. Anyways, thanks for your comment.
  7. colls100

    colls100 Well known member

    If you look at it logically, since you have changed the way you think, your symptoms have got worse. If anything this just proves to you that you have the power to change how you feel physically. That it must be tms. Otherwise it wouldn't have changed. as your thought process did. Take it as a positive reinforcement. I'm not qualified to give advice but I've read a lot of people on this forum saying that it can get worse before better, like your brain is acting up and throwing everything it has at you. Take it as a sign that you're getting closer to beating this!
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  8. Lou

    Lou New Member

    Thank you colls100,

    You're right. I have been trying to view this as a good sign (even though at times it's making me feel so much worse). I have noticed that there are times when I feel like things are slowly improving and other times when I feel like I'm stuck in the same old rut. I decided to get some counselling to help with this. Maybe it will help me to get "unstuck " and help the process along a little. I have noticed that since starting this program I am thinking more clearly about what's going on in my life and have been able to open up more. My husband and I have been communicating better because of it and our relationship has improved a great deal over the last few weeks. It's been helpful for both of us. I've even been able to patiently talk to my daughters about some of the things going on with them that have been frustrating me. Never would have done this in the past.

    Thank you again for replying. I really do find it helpful to hear from others. Have a great day!
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