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slightly off topic but could Tiger Woods have TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by thech1mp, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. thech1mp

    thech1mp New Member

    All his back problems started around the time he lost his father and have continued with his well documented troubles. Just something that I thought after just hearing he's out for another 6 months after another back operation.
  2. PainNoMore

    PainNoMore Peer Supporter

    that's what i've been thinking. and i believe SteveO has said as much.
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  3. MrRage

    MrRage Peer Supporter

    I've been re-reading "The Great Pain Deception" recently and Steve O spends part of the book analyzing Tiger Wood's career. I can't remember the details but he makes a good case that Tiger's divorce and family tragedy were causing him TMS pain.
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  4. San Diego Joe

    San Diego Joe Newcomer

    Yes, and too bad someone can't get to him. It would just take one high profile athlete / Celebrity (Oprah?) to maybe break this thing wide open. (Hopefully the documentaries with Stern/Larry David help).
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  5. EileenS

    EileenS Well known member

    Definitely TMS. Even if someone doesn't follow golf, it's obvious injuries has plagued him since his public marriage break up.
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  6. healingfromchronicpain

    healingfromchronicpain Well known member

    I always assumed so.
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  7. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    He's obviously got access to the best doctors, orthos and sports shrinks on the planet and none of them can connect the dots to the MINDBODY-BODYMIND connection. I see the same thing in tennis, Pete Sampras went out with "back" issues and now Fed has laid-off with back and knee, but he's back and doing well because his two best up and coming competitors Djokovich and Murray are having issues. Nadal was out with issues too, with all his OCD quirks, he's obviously a TMS candidate.
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  8. betauer

    betauer New Member

    All seem heading to TMS
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  9. Un0wut2du

    Un0wut2du Peer Supporter

    Sure seems like it to me. Forget the pressure of the game. Look at the secrets he was trying to balance (hide) and under a national spotlight. I would be bedridden!!!
  10. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Chapter 4 in my third book, BPPH is called "The Tiger's Snare" about Tiger Woods. I've contacted EXCEL several times but they could care less. Their statement to me was, "Tiger is not at this point considering a psychosomatic component."

    It seems everyone in the free world can see that he has TMS except Tiger and his posse. The golf writers are always frustrated at the tight net around him, which proves that connection still heals and that royalty has its potholes.
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