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Sitting Pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by nando, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. nando

    nando Newcomer

    Dear Forum

    My name is Nando Campana from Melbourne Australia.

    There are no TMS trained Doctors or Psychologists where live that I am aware of. This is frustrating as I could do with some help.

    I have been having ongoing lower back pain for 7 years now, I have had all the scans possible, seen all the specialists and therapists possible and I am still in pain.

    Mild L5-S1 right side facet joint arthritis is all that was found on my scans, I have a really healthy spine and I know I have TMS.

    I can jog, play tennis, swim, walk, garden, etc. I am very active and have little to no pain when active. SITTING is my problem, in the car, the couch, planes, long social events, etc I can’t sit as long as I would like to.

    I have tried the following to get improvements, but still have a low grade almost constant pain, ache in my lower back which also moves to my sacrum, coccyx, gluts, mid to upper back

    It effects my work, sleep, relationships, leisure time, plans for the future etc. Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia are also problems for me.

    I have tried the following to get improvements, but still have a low grade almost constant pain.

    Read 2 of Dr Sarno’s books and watched his education DVD’s

    Did your Unlearn Your Pain work book program

    Did Dr Scott Bradys Pain Free for Life program

    Did the TMS Wiki Website program by Alan Gordan

    Did the Zero Pain Now program by Adam Heller

    Read Steve Ozanich’s 2 books and had a Skype session with him

    I gave some TMS info to a counselor I am seeing who is not trained in TMS but she understood the principles and said she is happy to work with me on an emotional level.

    I am really stuck and could do with some help and advice.

    Anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your help.

    Nando Campana
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Nando. Sitting is such a benign activity that it HAS to be conditioning. At some point you equated sitting with pain and now you get it....The fact that you can do all of those other activities is proof positive.

    My very last symptom to go away was sciatica when I drove home after work.. I could work all day pain free on a construction site, but as soon as I sat down I would get pain. I finally wearied of it and turned off the radio and focused on all of the reasons I was conditioned, used the 'turn your mind to an unsavory topic' strategy, and talked to and at my self. It went away fast when I took the time to address it.

    One of the things I realized was I HATED DRIVING in california. In fact, I hate driving anywhere there is gridlock. You might want to look at the REASONS you are sitting? Maybe you hate travel, business meetings? Maybe your like me and just hyper and don't like to sit. My GF is chronically saying 'can you please sit down'? I don't even sit during lunch at work...too hyper.

    Gnothi seauton... know thyself
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  3. nando

    nando Newcomer

    Thanks so much Baseball65 for taking the time to reply and for your help. I'll spend some time with my thoughts and emotions around sitting to see if I can get some insight into this conditioned response I have to sitting.
    Regards Nando

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