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Day 2 Sitting or Standing

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Cenzo_Mezz81, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Cenzo_Mezz81

    Cenzo_Mezz81 Newcomer

    On Day 2.

    This morning getting out of bed still challenging. Walked to the train instead of the car.

    Need to get over fear of sitting the car although the pain of the car only last a few minutes, its the getting in and out that is the biggest hurdle.

    At work today I decided that I was no longer going to use the standing desk. That the longer I put off sitting I am just contributing to my fear of sitting and then standing.

    Is this right thing to do?
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Cenzo. I encourage you to sit at work and no use the standing desk.

    Try to convince yourself that sitting, at your desk or in the car, is all in your fear imagination.

    It you have been checked out and no structural problem has been found, you need to believe 100 percent that your pain is psychological.

    Even if a checkup indicted a disc problem in your back, that may not cause pain. The pain still can be psychological.

    I hope you will journal in the SEProgram to discover any repressed emotions that are causing your pain.

    Good luck and keep posting about your progress in the SEProgram.
  3. Cenzo_Mezz81

    Cenzo_Mezz81 Newcomer

    I have a bulge in L4-5 and small herniation in L5-S1.

    As far as journaling, I'm just following what each day's assignment is. Is that wrong?

    My colleague who went through the process of healing TMS, who referred me to Dr. Sarno very early in my journey, its only been a month since the pain started, told me to stand because until I am mindful or my mind will be consumed and I need to be mindful and do some meditation in the morning. Suggested 21 day challenge from Chopra. So now I'm conflicted with standing or sitting. Someone who went through it is pain free or this message board.

    On Monday I start sessions with TMS therapist I found on this site. I am a perfectionist and by nature very structured and process oriented so I find it hard to read between the lines or interpret guidelines. Maybe that's my downfall that I need detailed step by step instructions but everything I read said I dont have to change my personality just acknowledge it. So I am acknowledging it. I like things in order, I like boundaries, I like ritual. I'm not adverse to change but I'm very very impatient. I also work in New York City where everyone is impatient and things move fast.

    I believe that TMS is my diagnosis, I do not have any doubts about that. What's troubling me is the looseness of how this program works. Like they ask for examples of activities you did before TMS. Simple question right? Not for me, I like doing yard work, so that's multiple activities. What troubles me is when they ask for one more and than another. This is where I am frustrated. I like watching movie, is that an activity because I can watch a movie its just getting up after two hours that sucks. Does that count? I like to read, I can still read, but I can't sit for hours and read anymore?

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