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Silent Reflux Symptoms and Rotten Smell;Feeling hopeless

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by rjh18, Aug 25, 2023.

  1. rjh18

    rjh18 New Member

    Going on 3 months I have had these ongoing symptoms of excessive mucous in the back of my throat along with a slight burning sensation in the throat as well. The most difficult symptom has been a horrible smell like rotting food in my mouth. Being a long-term TMS sufferer I am thinking this another manifestation of TMS. IN April I had urinary tract bleeding which turned out to be a kidney stone and as soon as it was resolved, it was followed by the silent reflux symptoms. Wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these symptoms and if so how did they conquer them. I've read alot on the internet about diets and food but there is a lot of conflicting information. Right now I am just feeling hopeless.
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    You have asked me before, and asked the same question before.
    I conquered these by realizing that Dr. Sarno’s work recognizing that our internal stress and emotional life can cause symptoms.
    Treating the problem physically may not resolve your fear, pre-occupation, negative thoughts and worries about this.
    You mentioned getting it checked out my a doctor (important).
    Next is doing the mental and emotional work.
    Reading a book by Dr. Sarno or you may prefer They Can’t Find Anything Wrong by Dr David Clark a gastroenterologist who has been helping patients for many years with stress related symptoms. Learning the science as well as the psychology behind tms is important.
    Doing one of the free courses (I think already recommended to you) on this website (found by scrolling down the page tmswiki.org) will lead you to various types of emotional discovery that treat the root cause of TMS.
    You won’t find recommendations for physical recommendations here, that’s what your Dr. is for. Dr. Clarke is retired from practice. There are several scientific studies linking lot to anxiety and depression.
    You’ll need to make a decision yourself if you want to do the tms work to be in charge of your own wellness. That’s a big step when we’re used to medical Dr’s taking charge, but this time it’s up to you.
    If you would prefer to work with a specialist, at tmswiki.org there are lists of practitioners: Dr’s, psychologists and coaches. The PPD Association web page also has a long list of professionals. Most will do remote coaching if there isn’t someone near you.

    Here’s a tms coach talking about reflux:

    Here’s a success story and reflux was one of the symptoms. It is quite a common symptom:

    best wishes on your journey.
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  3. rjh18

    rjh18 New Member

    Hi Cactus,
    Tks for the videos. The first one was quite helpful. However the reason I asked this is due to the symptom of the repulsive smell which seems constant and is not a common one for reflux. I was hoping to hear from others who have this symptom as well so I could dismiss it instead of focusing on it. Also the reflux discussed in the video is the heartburn type not the silent type. One of the precursors to successfully dealing with this is to write the symptoms off which is where I am having a difficult time due to not understanding where the bad smell is coming from.

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