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Shoulder pain and cracking after tetanus vaccine administered too high

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Miribunny, Jul 14, 2023.


Shoulder pain and grinding/clicking after tetanusvaccine administered too high up. Structural?tms?

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  1. Miribunny

    Miribunny Newcomer

    Hello lovely TMS members, I have only recently joined but have read many threads here over the years (former back pain from over exercise).
    I have a question that I would appreciate anyone responding to, thank you in advance!

    I had a tetanus shot weeks ago which was administered very high up on my arm. I thought nothing of it. Twenty hours later I started having intense clicking and cracking noises around my bursa and top of shoulder area, when moving my arms around in every direction. Never had any kind of clicking in my shoulder, ever, until this. The dull aching pain in my shoulder and tingles/dullness even extending into my hand, also started to get worse and worse. I was hoping this was all just a normal part of the tetanus shot pain that would subside over a day or two.

    But here I am, weeks later - my shoulder still cracks and grinds any way I move my arm, with dull/sharp pain - the feeling and sound is sickening to my stomach. Never had this in my life. It also hurts really badly and now if I try to exercise or lift weights or anything, it really brings on the pain. I am so terrified and depressed at the same time, as I can't perform exercise like I used to - and I love being a very active person, especially lifting weights at the gym!

    I have also read horror stories of people getting a vaccine administered incorrectly, such as too deep in or too high up (as in my case), then having permanent dysfunction and disability in their shoulder due to really bad bursitis, rotor cuff tears etc. I am so scared this has happened to me! I am terrified this will never get better and my shoulder will be permanently dysfunctional????

    What are your thoughts on the relevance of TMS in the cases of people ending up with shoulder disabilities all their lives from a wrongly administered vaccine injection? If the vaccine injury causes rotor cuff tears and bursitis, don't those things just heal up normally in any case over time? Why would a vaccine cause such harm to the structure of the shoulder that one could be left with a permanently disabled shoulder/arm ?

    Would love some feedback please!!!! Thank you so much friends.....
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    “former back pain from over exercise”

    I would suggest you begin by reading a book written by Dr. Sarno. This will help you to understand tms (which is not from over exercising), fear, anger, and how these thoughts, your personality and emotions create TMS. It’s something you really need to decide for yourself.
    Please stop using Dr. Google! Ask your own medical doctor what they think of the symptoms. If they find no structural issues and you identify with Dr. Sarno’s book, then you will have a much better idea of this is tms.
    Best to you!
  3. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    If you follow the advice of @Cactusflower and educate yourself more on the subject of TMS, it will become apparent to you that you are dealing with causation vs correlation phenomenon, very typical for chronic pain patients. I was one of them. In one case, my doctor was determined to convince me that swelling and pain in my wrist was a result of some repetitive stress injury. She kept interrogating me until I reluctantly recalled scraping paint on my deck for about 15 minutes a day for a few days some two weeks prior, then she proclaimed that it was the cause. In the other case, I did fell on the hike, but walked 5 miles after that fall without any problems, but still blamed my back pain on the injury. In both cases, it was TMS. How do I know? My back is now totally fine, and so is my wrist.

    The truth is, chronic pain is the answer in search of a problem. Your brain is ready to unleash the TMS pain on you, and it takes any benign trigger to get the neural circuit of pain activated. The more you worry, the more the pain reinforces itself and spreads. In my case, I ended up with CRPS - a very serious condition, which was completely a creation of my overstressed at that time brain. You can search for my success story in the Success Stories subforum here on the site.

    I suggest that you get checked out by a TMS-aware doctor, because they will not send you into the maze of the specialists and useless treatments, like my family doctor did with my wrist.
  4. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    It wouldn't.

    Your experience of symptoms is the TMS brain mechanism at work. It's hard to believe, I know, but all three of us responding have personal proof of the mechanism affecting us,iin multiple different and uniquely personal ways.

    If you don't believe that our brains can create physical symptoms without a structural cause, you may use Google to familiarize yourself with the very real and medically-accepted phenomenon of Phantom Limb Pain.

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