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Shoulder and Arm Pain after Flu Shot

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Chad100, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Chad100

    Chad100 New Member

    So I am a long time TMSer and Dr. Sarnos approach has helped me out with a number of issues. Almost a week ago I got the flu shot at work, and it immediately hurt way more than normal and bled. It ended up with a decent size bruise that is now fading after about a week, but there is still really bad dull pain at the injection site and it also hurts with a deep ache/burning by my shoulder bone. There is no sign of infection. My range of motion is fine, but painful and sleep is difficult.

    It sounds like it is possible (though I would think pretty rare) that an injection too high or deep can result in a shoulder injury akin to frozen shoulder (something called SIRVA). Any thoughts at all on how to approach this? I looked back at some really helpful threads here on frozen shoulder. But I wasn’t sure at what point I should treat it as TMS v. having it checked out. Anyone with any experience from lingering injection or joint pain? Am I just overreacting/TMSing? How would you suggest approaching this?

    Thanks to everyone for their help as always. Chad
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Chad, and ugh, I sympathize with your concern. A shot is, after all, an invasive procedure, however minor, and there is certainly a skill to doing it right.

    The best and only advice that we non-professionals here can give about any new and worrying symptom, especially one related to an injury or a procedure, is to have this checked out. You may be told that this is unusual, but will go away in time and sometimes that's all you really need to get over it. So let's hope that's what it is!
  3. Goldy

    Goldy Peer Supporter

    I just want to mention that I've gotten the flu shot for three years now. First time, it didn't hurt at all and no problems. Last year, my daughter and I got the shot. The woman at Target was leaving for the night and we were the last ones of her shift. She injected my daughter first and no problems. When she got to me, she jabbed it into my arm so forceful, and hurt like like heck. Then for a few weeks after, my arm really hurt. It really hurt! I think I remember my arm and shoulder hurting. I vowed never to go back to Target again for a flu shot.

    About a month ago, I went back to Walgreen's and got my shot. It didn't hurt going in, and it was a little sore, but no problems at all. I do remember my family thinking I was complaining too much about my shot. Maybe my TMS made it worse because I'm sensitive to pain, but that woman at Target shouldn't be allowed to administer vaccines if she isn't skilled! Hope this helps!
  4. Chad100

    Chad100 New Member

    Thanks so much Jan and Goldy. I did take your advice Jan and showed the bruise to my local pharmacist who basically said it was unusual but not to worry about it for another week. And Goldy, thanks so much for your story, that definitely gives me hope that this will just go away with time! Chad
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