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Should I go to this concert with tinnitus?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by NameK, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    I have qxConcert on December 7th(its on my birthday ) and I just got or noticed tinnitus around November 5th? I also need to have ear wax removed properly via irrigation (I'm afraid it could make it worse).

    In also going to the dentist on Thursday as well. I've read that could make it worse also.
  2. EileenS

    EileenS Well known member

    Hi NameK, I don't know how you heard going to the dentist can make tinnitus worse. Sounds like something Dr Google or a tinnitus forum would say. In other words, I don't believe it.
    Do you like the group playing at this concert? If yes, then go!!! I don't know why, but our minds create tms around the things we love most in life. That my experience. The only way to beat it is to do those things we love in spite of the physical problems and in spite of the worry that might be with you at the concert like an uninvited annoying companion. A week after your birthday would you rather be thinking about the wonderful concert you went to or how you missed it because you were afraid of the tinnitus?
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  3. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    Your right tms is very much effecting the things I love doing. I've been afraid to use my gaming headset, listen to music via headphones or ear buds ,going out to a movie , bar, or restuarant.

    And I'm afriad of getting my earwax removed using water irrigation because I was silly enough to believe and read what those people on the tinnitus fourms were all saying DONT DO THAT IT WILL CAN MAKE IT PERMANENTLY WORSE DONT RISK IT !

    But I've been since then avoiding those places as they are all so negative and fear mongering its unreal.

    But I've come to realize now that all chronic pain/ or issues fourms for the most part are like that. They all believe that there is a psyhical cause and that nothing can be done to fix I. But they never look at the emotional side of things. But how do you explain how people who dont have hearing damage have tinnitus ?
    And many people recover from it you just dont hear about it online because they ste yoo busy enjoying life

    From my understanding of tinnitus is that it's a fear response from your brain and since the fear anxiety panic is still present so is that signal. So the key to helping itis to relax dont worry about it which is easier said then done.

    Pretty sure it's a response to our central nervous system and limbic system going haywire and relaxing or calming down those systems is key to recovery.
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  4. EileenS

    EileenS Well known member

    I don't know if you remember from one of my responses to an earlier tinnitus posting you made, but I too used to have tinnitus. It is long gone now and I still have excellent hearing. It was tms.

    You know that expression "Feel the fear and do it anyway"? Make it one of your mantras. Your brain might try to give you push back by making symptoms a bit worse, but remember this is normal. It's your fear just trying to get your attention and convince you it's real. That fear might constantly talk to you in the background when you are having fun, but ignore it and have fun and over time it will become less and less.
    Have a great birthday and have fun at the concert.
  5. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    Okay thank you I will update you guys on how it goes at the dentist on Thursday and then again after my ear wax removal and finally again after my birthday.

    My best bet is to probably just ignore it but that's easier said then done.

    I didnt even noticed I had a slight ringing in my ear until I was reading about it online because I was worried about hearing damage and loss after a loud party with a DJ and speakers (when I was by them for about 10 seconds ) and i was at the party for 2 hours.

    I didnt notice or have any ringing until 5 days after I was reading about what tinnitus was. I quickly went into a silent room and heard a faint ring and my body went into panic mode. Then that while week I would listen for it and purposely go into quiet rooms to try and hear it.

    So my guess is my brain created it out of fear etc ?

    My doctor says she doesnt think i have hearing loss but the earwax build up on my ear certainly isnt helping me hear better Haha.
  6. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey bud, asking this question is a sign of anxious thinking (as I always say, there's no judgment - we've all been there). Of course you should go to the concert! Forget about concerts and dental appointments making anything worse - the only thing making life worse for you is the constant loop of anxious thoughts. Your anxiety still needs to be addressed and managed in a way that allows you to get back to fully living life again.

    Listen to your doctor. You do not have hearing loss. It's funny - as a freshman in college, I thought my hearing was going. The doctor at student services flushed out some earwax, and then I was completely fine. It was totally harmless. Even if you do have extra earwax in your ear, it's harmless. Health forums will try to convince you otherwise, but they don't know what you and I know about anxiety. Don't forget this.

    And there is no way in hell you're going to be damaged at the dentist's office. Absolutely not. I have no clue who you're talking to or what health forums you're on, but please believe me when I say that they're likely dealing with a host of internal issues you don't even know about. These are not people who should serve as role models or digital doctors - they're nothing more than Dr. Google's assistants. You do not have to be them. What they're saying isn't applicable to you, and I'm willing to bet that a number of them could benefit from mind-body work.

    I once went on a fibromyalgia forum out of curiosity. Man, I saw people talking about being confined to their beds, applying for disability, taking nearly half a dozen medications, moving back home with mom and dad, losing spouses and friends, etc. It's all the mind-body connection! You cannot believe everything you read on health forums.

    I also remembering going on the NeuroTalk forums and reading the story of someone who was apparently diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy caused by anti-depressant withdrawal. Her doctor said it was the first and only case of neuropathy from anti-depressant withdrawal he's ever seen. Yeah, no kidding - he's never seen it before because it's impossible. Nerves can be damaged from autoimmunity or high levels of toxins or blood sugar, or physical injuries or extreme pressure, but not from the lack of an SSRI/SNRI medication! It's obvious that her body was experiencing withdrawal that threw her sympathetic nervous system out of whack after stopping the medication, and it simply needs to readjust. Unfortunately for her, nobody told her that anxiety can prevent the sympathetic nervous system from readjusting (even well after serotonin receptors heal), and the BS diagnosis and health forums have her convinced she's damaged. The good news is that she can turn this around anytime. None of this is permanent. This is why you can't take many of these stories seriously.

    You aren't just going to be OK - you are already 100% OK right now. But until the anxious thought patterns are addressed, there's always going to be another ailment and more symptoms. There's nothing wrong with you. Go out and have some fun. :)
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  7. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    Yeah I need to believe that it's just my anxiety causing this oddly enough most of my other symptoms have disappeared for the most part back pain,foot pain , pelvic issues so it makes sense that its manifesting to this now. It's not accident that this has happened when I've been incredably stressed out (I'm looking for a new job while working at one I dislike) I dont have savings , I'm unsure what I want to do as a career etc.

    Also on another note a member on here recommended a guy on YouTube by the name of julian Cowan Hill. The way he describes tinnitus makes it seem very tms like which makes sense because it probably is in most cases.

    Like it doesnt make sense that there are people who have hearing loss and they dont have tinnitus. While there are people without hearing loss and have it and vice versa . I dont rhin it has anything to actually do with our ears it's a glitch in our brains CNS and limbic systems.
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