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Day 6 she cried because she can't accept TMS. its just too harsh for her

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by thinbuilder, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. thinbuilder

    thinbuilder New Member

    here i m again, after day 3, i stop journaling. cuz i thk i need a break..if u keep on journaling u just gonna keep

    recaling all ur emotions, n being stressed and depressed..this is no good

    u need to have ur happy life back..

    that recently another incident strucked me...i tried to tell my fren who i thk is TMS sufferer about TMS theory..

    but she become very offended and rejected it completely. she confronted me that i m accusing herself to lead her in

    pain.and she just couldn't accept that all these 20 years, she herself has caused herself so much pain.

    she began to cry.i stopped my lecturer immediately when i saw her crying. and i try to say maybe i m wrong

    i guess i had touched her scar, where she must have a serious trauma during her childhood, n i led her to recall it..thats

    why she cried.

    after that i been feeling guilty about it..i tried to act like nothing happened and avoid saying TMS stuffs.

    but it is of no use, cuz when she saw me..she trying to avoid talking to me..n i can c her tears watering up her

    eyes,whenever she talks to me.

    i wanted to apologize to her in person. but i have no chance of doing that..

    as few days goes by, i tried to reinforce my thoughts that its not my fault at all. i been trying to help her

    wholeheartedly and i din do anything wrong..i tried to justify my guilt..but i fail..

    then i tried to focus on doing something else, such as playing guitar and drum..
    it helps. it helps me to deviate my attention of my guilt.

    and as time goes by, i become more confirm that i din do anything wrong...the reason behind is the girl is very

    sensitive..and she has her own ego..

    i remembered Dr sarno said 20% of patients would be better left untreated..n support with only psychotherapy..cuz their

    repressed emotions is more serious than others.
  2. jlm

    jlm Peer Supporter

    I am too new at this to be giving advice, but if it were my friend, I'd gift her a copy of Dr Sarno's book. I only have Healing Back Pain so I can't say which one. Then I'd hope something in it will speak to her as it has so many of us. You weren't wrong to try to help her. She just wasn't ready.

    For yourself, continue on with your own program. If journaling is bothering you, then do as Dr Hanscom recommends and do your writing and tear it up. It's important that you get the emotions out, not that you keep the paper forever. I even had to take two night's worth outside and burn them. Tearing them up wasn't enough.

    I recently purchased Dr Schubiner's book with the workbook and meditation tape included. I am liking how he explains things.

    Good for you that you have found Dr Sarno's book and this website are willing to do what it takes to be painfree.
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