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Sharp pain/discomfort left side stomach

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by elchessboy, May 26, 2020.

  1. elchessboy

    elchessboy New Member

    not sure if its TMS or not but recently about 1 month ago I got whole physical blood work done..everything was great. Despite this lockdown and money running out and going through a child custody event and also planning to apply for a mortgage, im pretty sure this is why I'm here and asking if what I'm feeling is my tms or something different.
    As we all know how 1 day of being happy we can have a clear head.

    My subject is on left side of abdominal (stomach).
    3 days ago if was like a needle going at that same spot comes and goes. No other feeling except that. I read it could be gas/indigestion. Today I keep focusing on it although its not needle like its a sensation that comes and goes esp when I stretch. There is no vomiting fever or tenderness or hurts at all. Just a weird sensation comes and goes.. i do have to let out gas when I feel it, just like to know if it can be tms or has anyone else experienced it. Not sure why I'm even talking about this since I've read really big time pains and suffering on this and many have attributed to tms.
    In this case this discomfort when it comes and goes doesn't get in the way too much but when I feel it I tend to focus on it. I don't want to go to doctor esp now since I'm recovering in $$ issues, thats why I tried this first. I've never taken pesto bishop since I never had this sensation. I guess that would be the first step. Well the hardest step I beleive is to stop focusing on it.
    It sucks because I woke up to go pee and felt the discomfort for a second. Then this morning when I woke up from my nice happy sleep to go to work felt it again and got sad.
    Anyway if anyone reads this thank you for your time.
    And BTW I had tms here and there in the past. I am 40 physically healthy but with lot of emotional stress as I am still going thru child custody happened this year.


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