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Sharing my story of healing...Video attached.

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by MedicineWithin, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. MedicineWithin

    MedicineWithin Peer Supporter

    Aloha all,

    Here is a video that I created outlining some of my journey and healing TMS. My brother and I both had similar experiences. The doctors gave me many medical names to what I was experiencing and even diagnosed my brother with an autoimmune condition called AS. We both healed. I write here now completely pain free as is my brother. You can heal too, Know that! The video link is below!

    Ho'oponopono, This is a Hawaiian prayer, it means I thank you, I love you, I'm sorry, Frogive me.
    Blessings to all


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  2. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    Amazing story!. The outcome we all want! Thank you for sharing this!
  3. Rainstorm B

    Rainstorm B Peer Supporter

    Wow Justin. This is beautiful. And so hopeful. I have tears streaming down my face. Thank you so much for sharing your story in such a heartfelt and compelling way.
  4. Timbercat

    Timbercat Well known member

    You have renewed my hope and inspired us to keep going. Wonderful video. Thank you.
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  5. Kiwi Jack

    Kiwi Jack New Member

    Great video, excellent production and editing, and your story is very inspiring. I'm new to TMS, so this is very interesting. I was chronically ill for 14 years, but I'm on the other side of that now. I was an ultra marathon runner and all around active guy. Now I'm 60 and finally able to exercise again. But sports injuries keep popping up, dam. Maybe it's TMS. Maybe my body is pissed off I'm going to put it through some nasty stuff again. Or maybe I have some things to work out with my ID. I like your reference to Ho'oponopono. I studied that a few years ago and it rings a cord with TMS. I'm awaiting John Sarno's book to arrive. I'd be interested to know what exercises you did that you found most helpful? I began journaling a few years ago, so adding emotional essays seems an effective next step. Glad to hear you and your brother are doing so well.
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  6. MedicineWithin

    MedicineWithin Peer Supporter

    Sometimes it's good to ask yourself why you are participating in extreme athletic adventures. You can do something out of a love for the experience, expression, challenge etc. or you can do something from a place of lack, of wanting to prove yourself, achieve something that you believe will validate you or even from a place of escape. Chronic injuries can sometimes say that there is a part of you that is literally done running and wants to deal with what is in the present before moving on. It's possible to return to those athletics with a totally new perspective on them, or maybe what you learn about yourself will naturally change your desire to want to do those things. Healing can dissolve unhealthy addictions, even if those addictions may appear to be 'healthy' on the outside.
  7. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    I think many times we already know on some level what the problem(s) is, therapy is great, and one like I'm seeking out, hoping he contacts me again, we play phone tag. But massage to release long held body tension and talk therapy for somatic issues. This year will be for change! Journaling is great, I have been journaling since 2004, and in looking back I can see that I've tried many things and out of everything I've tried there has been one constant in my life that has not been removed, and I really think that with the removal of that situation, many many parts of myself will start to return home, to normal.
  8. Kiwi Jack

    Kiwi Jack New Member

    Justin ... good points all, you nailed a new on the head.
    I definitely have a mix of something to prove to myself along with a heart felt desire to be physically active. When I became chronically ill for 14 years and unable to exercise, I lost a big part of my identity, the athlete, that broke my heart, not to mention everything else that was going on. So now I'm back, I'm overly sensitive (stress reaction?) to anything that holds me back, like sports injuries. But after reading about TMS for just a few weeks now, journalling, playing with emotional essays, thinking physiologically, dam it feels like I'm cured. My 10 months of knee pain is gone. I get the odd flash but I can whisk it away in a few seconds or minutes. I decided I do have a sensation in my knee, but it's not "pain", it's just a little stiff (us 60 y/o guys have that), and a bit of stiffness is no big deal. I change my thought, move my leg, do a little stretch, put a smile on my face, and the sensation is gone. I've done a few runs, hikes, and recently due to storms several 2-3 hr sessions of heavy snow shovelling. Bingo, pain is gone. I think my emotional reaction is a feeling of being stuck (that's an issue for another day). I sure was stuck for 14 years before this. Physically stiff = emotionally stuck. All solvable by removing the idea of pain, thinking about why I'm stuck, and solving it all with some movement, productive action, and a few breaths. I'm sure there's much more to learn and I'm looking forward to it.
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  9. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon Beloved Grand Eagle

    Many thanks for posting, Justin. I found your video beautiful and encouraging. Could I ask what specifically you did to recover from TMS? Did you do a lot of meditating, journal writing or were you someone who 'got the message' about TMS and 'the message' was enough to suddenly - or gradually - feel better? I'm on my own journey with a myriad of symptoms that I've had for many years and I am therefore more than interested in the process that those who have recovered have gone through. Do you have a blog or anything that I/we could read?
  10. MedicineWithin

    MedicineWithin Peer Supporter

    Hey! I'm glad the message of the video found you. For me it was a combination of trying everything. Loosening my belief that the physical symptom was the source of the pain was a big step but something that was very necessary. I think a lot of us in our culture have a problem with that because of the way we are conditioned as we grow up. If i were to sum it up I found it a journey back to a more authentic self. Back to feelings, my body, back to innocence and truth. Confronting and making peace with things I kept inside for a long time was part of that process.

    I write a little on my journey here www.thetaowithin.com

    Also you can reach out if you feel you'd like some guidance. I work via skype or facetime. I found this to be monumental in my journey (working with people who know the terrain and have healed TMS).

    All the best
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  11. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    Interesting that Skype works. I guess it can. Im reading a chapter on pain/ specific types in Peter's book , freedom from pain. I have excercises in the book and 20 down loads about tapping, and mantras(for lack of a better word). So if you got help from a therapist on Skype, that's good to know. Because of the type of therapy it is, it's not so much talk therapy as other therapeutic modalities!
  12. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thanks, Justin. I've had a good read of your website and the page about 'hunting the unconscious' particularly resonates with me as it made me realise that my problem is that I haven't been a good enough 'hunter' in trying to work out what my symptoms are hiding. Meditation and journaling hasn't helped me with this...whatever I'm hiding is, unfortunately, well and truly buried. I think Sarno indicated that you don't need to know exactly what you're hiding, you just need to know and believe the symptoms that you're suffering are as a result of what you've buried, but that realisation, unfortunately, hasn't been enough for me to become free of symptoms.
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  13. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    Whomever I reach out to wether locally, or via Skype will have training in the practice of SE. it's a fascinating website that offers so much instruction to those interested in being an SE practitioner.
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