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Sexual/pelvic pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Joe123x, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Joe123x

    Joe123x New Member

    Hello everyone. I have been testing THE out for a little bit until I finished a few tests to prove more accurately it is TMS. I am ready to 100 percent devote my mind to this belief. I am just having trouble of where to begin.

    When this all started happening I first got a girlfriend. I had a lot of repressed sexuality going on because I was bisexual before. I spent a lot of time self pleasuring and I would feel super regretful ,anxious, and guilty after and during as well. I am assuming this is all tied into it because that' where the dysfunction is now.

    Where do I begin with this information?
  2. NicoleB34

    NicoleB34 Well known member

    you'll get a lot of different opinions on pelvic physical therapy, but i go because i have a tendency to lock up my pelvic floor so much that it creates triggerpoints and tight strings of muscle that feels much better when a professional stretches them out, because i have both provoked (pain upon touch) and unprovoked pain. Keep in mind though, this is only temporary relief. The problems with sensitivity and tension will keep coming back because you have to work on the BRAIN portion of pelvic pain too.
    I havent heard much of this talked about in the TMS community, but i think it's interesting, and certainly a new thing; but the vagus nerve is a cranial nerve that controls the "rest and digest" portion of the autonomic nervous system. The opposite would be "fight or flight" mode, which it's been shown that people in chronic pain tend to be in that mode more than they should be. Stress and anxiety all trigger that fight or flight. Stimulating the vagus nerve through various methods can help keep that calm balance. One of my pelvic pain doctors just went to a big national pelvic pain conference, and rather than focus on meds and all that, they went in the direction of brain pain and the role that the nervous system has in pelvic pain and related disorders. I'm glad to see that chronic pain is now seen as a nervous system activation disorder, and less of a "damaged tissue" thing, because it seems to be going in the direction of TMS, even though they'll never admit it. But anyway, the vagus nerve was brought up, which is why i started looking into it. Meditation, pleasurable activities with friends and family, humming/singing, deep belly breathing, are just some ways you can bring yourself into rest and digest mode. It's all about bringing down that frazzled nervous system response (danger signal).
  3. Joe123x

    Joe123x New Member

    Honestly, in the past 4 days I have been having sex regularly and using outcome independence and maintaining a positive mood, thinking in a more mental realm, I feel great.

    The inconsistency in how my symptoms are and the exceptions that happen are coonvincing me of TMS for certain.
  4. sheltered

    sheltered Peer Supporter

    Joe123x, sounds like you are on the right track. As mentioned, you'll hear a lot of different opinions on pelvic physical therapy. My opinion, is to avoid PT, special exercises, etc. It might have placebo powers but there are more pleasant placebos out there! At least, this is my personal experience. Think in the mental realm, have a positive mood, have sex. All good things.

    I used to spend a lot of time early on when I figured I had TMS wondering "why the pelvis?!?" but I don't think it does any good trying to solve that and not sure there is any connection anyway. TMS is pretty clever about attacking parts of the body that can't be ignored. Focus on the fact it is related to emotional pain, work on being present in the moment. Good luck to you.
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  5. Joe123x

    Joe123x New Member

    Just food for thought. A lot of the pain was around the pudendal nerve area. Led me to believe nerve dysfunction or something.

    I researched the word pudendal and it means ashame. Ironically SHAME and guilt are 2 emotions I most definitely repress and have issues with. Just food for thought.

    I am definitely doing great. A lot better as the days take course. Sure, pain and discomfort is still there and might linger for quite some time but that' completely ok. I accept it :) I can live again!

    I'm seeing a TMS knowledgeble therapist next week as well. Found her from here.
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