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Severe symptoms

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Davidgraham5, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Davidgraham5

    Davidgraham5 New Member

    Hoping someone can help me get out this hell

    2004 jungle trekking Thailand got really ill sick, fever etc lost so much weight, fatigue, chronic pain etc etc. Recovered to 80% where could work but always had constant infections. In 2014 diagnosed with ecoli then campylobacter. Run if infections after coli including gum, ear, chest infections. Recovered again back to 80%. Bitten by tick, EM rash diagnosed with lyme in 2015 body completely shut down. Tested positive for lyme, mycoplasma on nhs. Did several rounds of antibiotics which worked great on symptoms and felt the best I had even prior to lyme. Relapsed month after antibiotics finished. Diagnosed with CFS/ME/Fibro and EDS very loose skin on face hands, hyper mobile joints etc.

    Tried herbs supplement then lightening process, reverse therapy and nothing has worked like antibiotics did. Not making much progress to at all. Is this something TMS can help?

    Symptoms are

    Severe chronic fatigue
    Low white blood (neutrophils)
    Low natural killer cells
    Chronic pain
    EDS - joint pain, hypermobile, muscle loss
    Low zinc and magnesium
    Constant infections
    Neck pain
    Bone loss in teeth (seen specialist who said bone loss of a 60 year old I'm 38)
    Severe gum receding
    Low body temp deep chills

    Any help is much appreciated

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