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Severe Sexual Dysfunction - is it TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Proximo, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. Proximo

    Proximo Newcomer


    I've come to this forum as a last resort.

    Since 2 years, I've been suffering from severe but peculiar sexual dysfunction. One day, after masturbation, my genitals suddenly shrunk before my eyes, became numb (!), and I lost erectile function and all libido. The peculiar thing is the strange shape my genitals have morphed into. It has become wrinkly, hard and small, other times extremely bendy and hollow, as if all tissue is lost. The veins have become very pronounced (as if something is being clenched). I developed a curve and lost girth.

    I have ruled almost everything out with urologists, neurologists, endocrinologists... and underwent many (imaging) tests. No abnormalities whatsoever. Most doctors and even family members believe I'm just imagining it, but I most certainly am not.

    I did take a supplement, saw palmetto, for over a year, and this led me to believe I suffer from what is understood as Post Finasteride Syndrome. I never took finasteride, however, but many users of saw palmetto, which has the same mechanism of action, report the same problems. None of these 'side effects' exist in clinical studies, however. The idea of suffering of PFS has made me suicidal. I'm not doing good.

    I am now looking into other possibilities. Is it possible for my mind to produce these kind of symptoms?

    I was suffering from anxiety, and probably some depression as well, following a traumatic breakup (but this happened almost 2 years before onset of the symptoms). I have been in (trauma) therapy for a long time already, by the way, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

    I have a very hard time believing such severe and visible symptoms are psychogenic, though I must say I have experienced some small relief on occasion (a little less numbness, a little more libido) but nothing fundamentally changes. I cannot let it go. The symptoms demand all my attention for 2 years now.

    Anyone experience with similar issues? Any tips on how to proceed?

    Thank you.
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  2. indecisiveman

    indecisiveman New Member

    sounds like you're a poster-child for CPPS, which appears to be VERY TMS-driven if posts on here are to go by. obviously symptoms are different for everyone, but if you're all clear on all your tests, then i think a mind-body approach would benefit you. i've been suffering from very similar stuff as well since february of this year: low libido, weird feelings in my genitals like tingling and sometimes like an uncomfortable pulse or movement, pelvic spasms, aches, you name it. i also have the pronounced veins that you speak of on my d*ck. so, i think you probably have TMS. see what happens when you really relax and give it some time.
  3. indecisiveman

    indecisiveman New Member

    Drugs can be a huge trigger for TMS symptoms, think about it: weed causing panic attacks, shrooms making you stressed, etc they bring out these repressed emotions and when you fight them, you'll find yourself with symptoms.

    also, to the OP: i forgot to mention in my post that symptoms like yours appearing after a masturbation are really common for triggering TMS. I think when you masturbate while storing stress and anxiety, it triggers these sensations in the genitals. if i masturbate i experience a huge rush in anxiety and sweating all over, esp on my forehead. probably anxiety, right? try and listen to your body, and really de-stress. i'm personally taking a break from masturbating just so i don't mess up my nerves or create any setbacks
  4. Proximo

    Proximo Newcomer

    I considered CPPS before but I have no pain at all. It's just, I lost all sexual function in a matter of minutes and has remained this way for 2 years. It's like somebody flipped a switch inside me.
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  5. Proximo

    Proximo Newcomer

    Hey man, I hate to hear you are still suffering.

    How would a drug trigger a TMS symptom? Also, I got this after being on the drug for 1 year, which in itself does not make all that much sense.
  6. Proximo

    Proximo Newcomer

    Masturbation never caused anxiety in me. Still doesn't. But I do have massive anxiety/depression about my symptoms now. It really fucks with your mind to see your own genital tissue and feeling get destroyed. I have basically become a eunuch.

    I want to try a TMS approach, but I cannot find peace with the symptoms at all. I haven't got the tools for it.

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