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Severe Sciatica

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Jeather, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. Jeather

    Jeather Peer Supporter

    Hello -it's been a while since I've posted. Brief summary: 49 yo, TMS my whole life, most recent episode of severe back pain and sciatica has lasted 2 years. I knew it was TMS at the outset. Have had a lot of midlife stuff to work through. OVer the last 2 years it's risen and fallen but never gone away. A few days ago, the most severe flareup. Only sleeping an hour or 2 at night. For those who have sciatica, does this still sound like TMS? The pain is now also burning (areas of my feet feel like they are in acid) . Can't stand for more than 1/2 minute. When I stand I am twisted to the side. Mind you, I was jogging last week! At night, the weirest thing: every 30 second to a minute a jolt of restless pain that makes me cry out and keeps me up. I can feel muscle tightening in my low back, though the main pain is in my hip and tailbone and legs. Also feeling shaky. But that restless pain and restlessness - those jolts all night long. That was something else. Can't get comfortable in any position. It's like my legs/body would convulse for a moment, and I couldn't stop it. A few numb toes and numb side of foot. Weird: sometimes it's hard to urinate, like I can't feel the need to go, and it takes effort to release (sorry TMI). My MRI last year shows the typical herniated ruptured L5 and L4. Is there anything here that doesn't sound like TMS? I keep thinking about going to the ER as it does not let up all day. Severe all day. No appetite. But I have a feeling that won't help in the long run (ER). Just reaching out. Thanks <3
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  2. jimmylaw9

    jimmylaw9 Peer Supporter

    Yip TMS I’m afraid. I have lower back butt pain piriformis burning feet sciatica. Totally TMS and I can relate to everything you posted.
    Anxiety stress adrenaline you name it .
    I’m getting better by doing everything that I’m sure you’ve read already
    Rest relaxation meditation acceptance etc. You just have to accept it and stop fearing it. It will subside. I’m not cured but every time I panic baseball comes on here and whacks me over the head with a dose of reality and reassurance then I’m fine and so will you be too.
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  3. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I can't speak to the ruptured L5 and L4, for that you need to consult with a good TMS doctor. Somebody like Dr. Schubiner or Dr. Gietzen on the TMS Wiki list (I recommend Dr. Gietzen as his former patient and Dr. Schubiner is well-known on this forum).

    About 20 years ago, when I was in my early 40es, I had a lower back and sciatica pain as bad as yours, for at least 6 months, and, to a lesser degree, for another couple years.

    I was told by the doctors to never do the following, for the rest of my life:

    never cross my legs,
    never sit up (only roll on the side),
    never lift anything holding it in front of me,
    never sleep on a side without a pillow in between my knees,
    never do crazy harmful things like yoga,
    - did I miss anything?

    20 years fast forward: I do all the abovementioned things, and more. I never had any surgeries or steroid shots, or took any muscle relaxants. My back is 20 years older now. In my core strength class I do two sets of 10 sit ups with a break of couple minutes in between, I go up and down stairways for exercise, about 1000 stairs few times a week, I run half-marathons and hike 20+ mile hikes, and I go backpacking with a 30+ lbs backpack which I often lift in front of me. And I do yoga, more than 20 years ago. I am a petite size woman.

    This is not to brag about my achievements, but to tell you that where you are is not a dead end.

    Don't be cavalier about your pain, but don't give in. TMS or not, you need to eventually resume your exercise. Stretching and strengthening your muscles and joints is crucial in order to maintain her health for years to come. Best of luck!!!
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  4. Jeather

    Jeather Peer Supporter

    I really wanted to hear that’s this can all be caused by TMS. Thank you for the reassurance! After a few days it’s a bit better. Just walked around the block. Not jogging, but moving again. The foot numbness doesn’t really go away, which is new for me. So strange to have this lasting so long. I know I need to not fear it. But then I do. So I just found Claire Weekes and am practicing her philosophy of acceptance. Accept what i feel. Accept that I fear it when I’m not supposed to. Float and let time pass.
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  5. Jeather

    Jeather Peer Supporter

    Thank you! I read Back Sense recently and began increasing my activity. After a couple weeks, this hit. Makes it hard to feel safe exercising. I appreciate the suggestion about the doctor. I live far from a TMS doctor, but last year after my MRI, I did contact Dr. Schubiner by email and told him the results. He felt safe to assure me it was TMS. But then after reading of how people read about TMS and it’s gone in a few months, I start to wonder about something else... a new tumor or problem that needs an ultrasound or a new test. Doubt. So the reassurance here is helpful. When I read my first Sarno book 20 years ago , I was having moderate back pain. Nothing nothing nothing like my last two years. It ended a month after simply reading the book. That was 20 years ago. I was expecting to have a similar experience... know that it’s TMS and focus on my feelings and let it go away. That was over two years ago and instead it became vicious. I hope that in 20 years at age 70 I can makes report similar to yours!
  6. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Remember, TMS is a personality type. We are never 100% immune, but we have Dr. Sarno's knowledge with us to lead us on. Something in your life just caught up with you this time. Deal with it!
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  7. Jeather

    Jeather Peer Supporter

    Yes! And I see you wrote a book. I think I’ll look into it.
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