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Severe Itching and TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Jim D., Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Jim D.

    Jim D. New Member

    For many years I have been applying the principles of TMS to my various ailments, beginning with one of those "miraculous" cures for back pain after reading Dr. Sarno's book dealing particularly with that subject. Then it was spells of dizziness, which went away very quickly after I had a glucose tolerance test during which I had all the symptoms I had been experiencing but which resulted in a completely normal report. I had various pains that persisted after physical injuries, and I was able to deal with those. But now I face skin issues that will not go away, no matter how seriously I try to apply the insights of TMS, including those of Dr. Sarno and many other people. I have read Ted Grossbart's book, Skin Deep, but cannot resolve the issues.

    I have had skin ailments nearly all my life, but they were manageable; this new one is not. Several months ago I began experiencing itching in various parts of my body; there were a few red places, but mostly there was no evidence whatever that there should be an itch--in other words, it was an itch without a rash. I went to a dermatologist for another issue and asked her about the itch. She told me what I expect all skin doctors say: apply lotions after showering and use a prescription medication (which I have had for years) for the places with rough or red areas. I was hoping to hear her give emotional issues as a possible cause, but that did not happen. I followed her instructions, but the situation has only gotten worse. Of course, like everyone else, I researched the issue online and found two possible physical causes for an itch without a rash: first, the medication I take to prevent gout attacks and. second, kidney disease (which both my parents had). You can see that these explanations made accepting a TMS diagnosis (which I had given myself in a preliminary way) quite difficult. In any case I had my primary-care doctor lower the dosage of the gout medicine, with no change in the itching. I worry about lowering it further or eliminating it altogether because I well remember the excruciating pain of gout. (I know there are some who say gout attacks can be TMS, and I think there is a lot of merit in that explanation, but so far I'm not willing to risk following it.) Yesterday I saw my doctor--who unfortunately believes there are always physical explanations for everything afflicting the body--and he examined the results of kidney tests to conclude I do not have any signs of kidney disease. He thinks the gout medicine is the culprit. I have been taking this gout medicine for perhaps 15 years without any side effects, but my doctor said that one's body can change with aging and side effects show up. I believe the explanation for the itching is TMS, but I cannot "make it go away." The itching, especially at night, is almost unbearable. Interestingly it does not happen when I am thoroughly engrossed in something (such as making chocolates, which I do as a hobby and a business), but when trying to get to sleep, when one is deliberately trying to empty the mind of engrossing thoughts, the itch returns with a vengeance. Any suggestions will be most welcome.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I don't know about your meds, but I have had a couple of 'mystery itches'. One happened right after my knee got better from a TMS attack. I itched the top of my foot so bad it got a divot. I went to the Md. thinking I had athletes foot or something and he thoroughly inspected it ....and told me it was nothing!

    I have a perma-itch spot on my right shin. Nothing there, but it always begins itching when I am under stress...sort of a TMS early warning system.

    ...and CHIGGERS! When I moved here to the south I discovered these little minions of satan. When I get them I get waaaay more itchy than anyone else I know....usually til they bleed. I think our TMS Demeanor gives us a sort of propensity to over compensate any stimuli at all. . . anything that can serve as a distraction. Itching is a great one.

    I have learned with certain bites (I get a lot...construction worker) If I can refrain from itching it in the short term it goes away faster. Sort of a walking meditation to NOT react.
  3. Jim D.

    Jim D. New Member

    "Sort of a walking meditation to NOT react."

    Thanks for that advice. I have been trying to apply it since I read it a couple of days ago. It's tough to do, but I know you are right.

    It's looking like the anti-gout medicine (allopurinol) may be the culprit. That means I may have to go off it completely in order to find out. If the itch continues, I will know that TMS is involved. It's all very scary as an attack of gout is a terrible thing to endure.
  4. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Jim D,
    I was recently reading that research is being done on low carb diets, especially low fructose I believe, for gout. Something about sugar, especially fructose, causing the production of purine, even though its a low purine food. Apparently its been quite successful.
    Good luck, Lizzy

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