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Self talk and affirmation examples

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by dabatross, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. dabatross

    dabatross Well known member

    Hey everybody,

    Not sure if this is on the wiki somewhere I looked and didn't see it. I use Sarno's daily affirmations on my computer as stick notes but Im wondering if other people would be willing to post theirs as well. I want to start incorporating this more into my daily life because I think it would really help on those worse days and the ups and downs of TMS. Can you guys post a list of affirmations you've used to help get better and maybe this thread can turn to a go-to place for them?

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  2. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    I love affirmations. I think my favorite is this one from Louise Hay:

    I love and approve of myself.

    Another favorite from Louise: "It's only a thought and a thought can be changed."

    I liked the Sarno affirmations/ reminders too.
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  3. Michael Reinvented

    Michael Reinvented Peer Supporter

    Hi Dabataross,

    I have been using:

    I am Strong, I am Fearless, I am Healing.
  4. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    I am strong and healthy
    My back is strong
    I am grateful to know that my body heals itself
    I am at peace
  5. honeybear424

    honeybear424 Well known member

    I deserve to feel good.
    I can heal myself.
    I love and approve of myself.
  6. Bawbee

    Bawbee Peer Supporter

  7. Bawbee

    Bawbee Peer Supporter

    ......my favourite is.

    All is well
    everything is happening for my highest good
    and out of this situation only good will come
    and I am safe.

    its L Hays personal favourite.....havent posted for ages ...find posting threads and replies difficult....brain fog...tech fog....pain fog...dont know reason. however have decided without doubt Im a tms person.....Tiny nibbles at Steve Os bk....its so densely packed with wondrous info and listening to MBP on a loop all weekend and realising an obvious huge chunk of anger..and thats in my conscious mind...so who knows whats happening below decks?? and need the wiki to work both ways for me...ie reading and replying....thank you all for your posts and making the wiki such a wonderful place to come to not sure if this thread will work..but im sure one of you goodists might help me.
    Be well
  8. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    I am healthy and strong.
    I fully and completely except myself and my body.
    The pain is harmless and will be gone soon.
    I am so proud/love myself ((Normally with a few self hugs!!!))

    Lately during Journalling i have really found telling myself that i am a good person, i love myself, proud of self and doing a good job is having amazing effects on reducing my pain as i put pen to paper. I had never focused on self love ect during journalling. But now at the end of each journalling session i write a few lines focusing on loving myself and talking nicely to myself. Using my own name at times has seen instant loosening of muscles around my hips/pelvis area. I don't know how i came up with this idea of talking to myself in a loving and caring way, it just happened or evolved??
    My Journal framework is to write about a past or current stressor by describing my feelings, expressing those feelings on paper(describing what i would do to that person), realising the guilt of those feelings/actions, affirm its not my fault and then loving myself.
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