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Self Discipline

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Develop iron self discipline and take charge of your life

    Master the skill of self discipline and give yourself the respect you truly deserve
    Do you find it hard to really stick to plans and projects you've enthusiastically committed to?
    Do you find yourself getting distracted from what you know you should really be doing by trivial things?
    Everyone's familiar with the 'do as I say, not as I do' model of life. It's easy to tell other people what to do. However, you don't really need to tell them. We all know, pretty well, what we should be doing right now. But are we doing it? And if we are doing it, are we doing it with our whole heart and soul and strength, fully committed to completion, or success, or whatever the particular goal is?
    Celebrity culture is bad for developing self discipline
    The celebrity culture that surrounds us today can actually make achieving our goals in life harder. Why is this? Because the way they are hyped in the media makes it look as if success should be easy, as if just wanting it hard enough is enough. It completely conceals the effort and commitment that lies behind real success. (We're not talking lottery wins here. We're talking getting there by your own efforts.)
    A consequence of this is that when we don't get the success we hope for in life, instead of committing to work harder for it, we feel cheated! In turn this can lead us into defeatism and depression and low self-esteem. But all this is barking up completely the wrong tree.
    Research shows discipline is at the root of all real success
    Research has irrefutably demonstrated that what differentiates successful people from the rest is not their talent (important though this may be) but their dedication and commitment to working at being the best - whatever their field of endeavor. This means they develop the discipline to put in thousands of hours (yes, thousands!) to improve their talents or knowledge or whatever it is that they need to do really well.
    Aren't some people just born with self discipline? Certainly not. It's a life skill that you learn, like any other, and like any other, the more you practice it, the better you get at it. The very essence of good discipline is being able to overcome (you can't avoid it altogether) the pull of 'not feeling like it'. Nothing will be allowed to stand between you and what you need to do.
    How hypnosis can help you develop iron self discipline

    Eric) - I want to interject to say all you do here is image yourself doing all of the above while under meditation and relaxation modes which equally are hypnotic or trance modes -- what ever the story brought to your mind. See yourself doing it over and over and over again and see it vividly in your minds eye and feel it too. Hear the sounds of your outcomes and goals. One at a time visualize your goals 2 or 3 times a day and soon you will have good success.
    The trick is to see your outcome and then feel as if its already done then hear the laughs and hear folks congratulating you as you shake their hands and soon like in 30 days or less most everyone that follows their intuition has huge results in improvement of all areas of their lives.

    This article is from common knowledge hypnosis Downloads
    Writer Mark Tyrell
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  2. Kata

    Kata Newcomer


    Self-discipline means doing what you committed to do regardless of how you feel. This is a big deal because a lot of people can be counted on to do the great things in life if they feel like it.
    Oftentimes, when you wake up, it's as if you want to go straight back to bed. Sometimes, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or you have a bad hair day.

    How Do You Build Discipline?

    The best way to build self-discipline regardless of where you come from, regardless of your experience, regardless of your expectations is to adopt a three-pronged approach. These are based on three fundamental facts. If you approach building discipline from these three avenues, you increase your likelihood of success.
    You have to adopt all three. You can't just cherry pick or treat this like some sort of cafeteria. You pick a couple and then you leave the rest behind. That' won't work. You have to adopt all three. That's part of building discipline.

    Fundamental Fact #1: Discipline is Like a Muscle
    Just like building muscles, discipline needs to be challenged. You need to put a lot of pressure on it. You need to put yourself in situations where you need to exercise it.

    Fundamental Fact #2: Discipline Requires Willpower
    Willpower is like a block of ice that's given to you.When you work to make sure that you have an adequate starting supply of willpower, and you commit to using it efficiently to maximize discipline, you get optimal results.

    Fundamental Fact #3: Mindfulness Helps You Boost Discipline
    If you adopt some sort of mindfulness or meditation practice, you can train your mind to work in such a way that you are able to become more disciplined.

    'Self-discipline. Get yourslef motivated and learn how to achieve your goals.' by Maxine Hay

    All the best

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