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Day 8 Seeking Advice

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Deviation, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. Deviation

    Deviation New Member

    Hi everyone,

    One of my biggest issues in the past few days has been falling back into that fear that my pain could indeed be caused by something structural, internal, physiological that has been misdiagnosed or not found.

    I know that there is no evidence to support this and even lots of evidence that contradicts this. I've had x-rays, ultrasounds, tests, and blood work that have come back with nothing or the smallest abnormalities that wouldn't cause pain according to the various professionals that I've seen.

    Maybe I'm still struggling to accept the TMS diagnosis? I really do believe that there is some mind-body stuff going on here and am committed to the program. I do feel that I can work through the pain much more easily when I think psychological and not physiological. But I still have these doubts and fears creeping into my mind at times - today is one of those days and I just can't shake those thoughts. I think part of me is scared that I'll just be let down by another attempt at addressing the pain or that there really is something terrible brewing inside that no one has caught yet :(

    Does anyone have any experiences or insights to share about this?
  2. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is a common issue. You have the knowledge and the books and info. etc but you are almost afraid to implement it because it's your last hope in a sense. So rather than put all your knowledge into practice by gradually challenging your fears in real life (through doing) you choose to stay in the "hope phase". The first step is full acceptance of the TMS diagnosis. Failure to accept is failure to get better. Belief is a decision. It's as simple as that. The second step is actually applying the concepts to your thinking and daily life. That is a choice as well. You have to decide if you want stay on the fence or get off the fence and take a risk. The truth is, you have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain. Not choosing is choosing. It means staying stuck with some kind of illusion of hope in your back pocket. That's not living...it's limbo.
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  3. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle


    all of us who get here are like people with battered spouse syndrome, except the batterer was the medical industry.... It beat us up , took all our money and spent it on drugs and lied to us constantly "Well, NEXT time I swear I'm gonna fix you"

    Then we get presented the truth and freedom, but like all battered spouses and cult members there was a LOT of programming and gas lighting so we occasionally think "Well, he wasn't THAT bad." "How could this be right? All of my friends say that the Regular Medical world is such a nice guy.?"

    Every single one of us who is cured went through phases of having second thoughts and fear we might be wrong. Then I would go to my copy of "Healing Back Pain' and read all the notes that I had made in the margins reminding me of the countless failures and how Sarno's theory much better explained the truth. And , like promised, it set us free.

    When you have a doubt, always subject it to inspection. Don't stuff it. Truth always outs. That's why we have been pain free so long.

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  4. Deviation

    Deviation New Member

    Thank you @miffybunny and @Baseball65 for sharing your insights, very much appreciated and very helpful :)

    Sometimes I feel like a little nudge in the form of a reply like yours, reading some more testimonials or flipping back through the Healing Back Pain book is indeed all it takes. Also trying to recognize that it's a process and not every day needs to be perfect.

    Thanks again.
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